Spirit Week brings peak in dress codes violations

Usually Spirit Week involves dressing up in different themes for each day, but in the week before Spring Fling students were dressing for the weather, regardless of the day’s theme. This resulted in twenty-two detentions.

During Spirit Week RAHS Dean of Students Nuka Nurzhanov responded to concerns that staff and teachers has regarding students violating dress code.

“Staff concerns during Spirit Week arose when some students really crossed the line and wore very inappropriate apparel,” said Nurzhanov. “Some girls’ dresses revealed complete bare shoulders, short tops uncovered midriffs, dresses were short enough to make our staff and visitors uncomfortable, torn jeans and t-shirts, sagging pants, etc.”

While dress code violations have happened in the past, this past Spirit Week resulted in a influx of violations.

“Complaints reached an all-time high during Spirit Week which was unfortunate.” said Nurzhanov, “Most of these violations had nothing to do with the spirit wear [and] it became clear that I needed to do my job to support the professional culture of our school even during that week.”

In order to address these concerns, Nurzhanov sent out an email to the entire student body. The memo told students that they could not wear clothing that would normally violate dress code during Spirit Week if they were not participating.

“The email memo was released to inform our students about specific clothes that was not allowed to be worn by students in spirit wear during Spirit week. The decision was made with staff input,” said Nurzhanov, “The no jean dress code was enforced on students who didn’t participate in Spirit Week.”

After the email was sent out, Senior Tatyana Jenkins replied to all the recipients of the email with “okay duly noted,” and several other students repeated the same message. This led to the reply-all meme.

“To me the email was simply a broken record,” said Jenkins, “She had stopped kids in the hallway about their dress, made a verbal announcement to EVERYONE who was at the assembly. I think that was more than enough. But then to send out emails to everyone was ridiculous.”

Because it was sent as a group email, more than a quarter of the student body took part in replying to all with “okay duly noted” which then manifested itself into different image macros, .gifs and the script to Bee Movie, twice.

“Duly noted is something I say in my daily speech. I was sick of all the announcements about the dress code so I thought I’d let her know that we all got it,” said Jenkins. ”When I sent it out everyone got it and from then on it just all escalated and became a thing. And honestly it was pretty funny, I don’t regret any bit of it.”

In the midst of the image macros, there was some confusion as to what the email actually meant. Eric Jones, a senior, had a different interpretation of the email.

“That email was really misunderstood, the original intention of that email was: if you’re not participating in Spirit Week you have to follow the original dress code [and] here is said dress code,” said Jones. “You kinda signed the agreement when you joined the school, it hasn’t changed much.”

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