Being the Good AHSamaritan

Aviation High School has the opportunity to help food banks for the first time through the school lunches that students eat, all because of the revised Good Samaritan Act, this act will allow students to donate to those in need everyday.

With the declining economy, food banks have a problem, a big problem. They do not have enough food to feed everyone that comes to them. All those people who have no way to feed themselves are not getting the food they need from the food bank, but things are about to change thanks to the new, revised Good Samaritan Act.

For those who do not know what the old Good Samaritan Act is about, it is a law that lets companies and regular people donate extra food they have.  It allows them to donate without the liability problems they might have for the food they donated to food banks and other places where one can donate food. Liability problems being people getting sick from the food that is donated and other effects donated food may have on those who eat it.

However, that law did not have schools on the “not-liable” list. This missing piece in the Good Samaritan Act was a factor in all the food that is wasted every day by schools.  But that amount of waste is about to go down, if students and schools start donating.

Recently, Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA)  found the loop hole in the act and revised it to allow schools to donate food and not be liable for the food they donate to food banks in the area.  Now schools across the nation can donate all the extra food they have from school lunches and other food that comes through the school.  

All students know that school food is not the best, and most of us avoid the school lunches at all costs. But with food banks, every piece of food they can get their hands on counts, especially with the falling economy.

That is where things get a little messy.

Food banks want all the food they can get a hold of, so people should start donating all the extra food they have. Well, what if the food is rotten or close to expiring? The problem is now no one is responsible for the food anymore.  So if no one is reliable for the quality food anymore, who watches for all the bad food that sneaks into the food banks?

But since the Good Samaritan Act has been revised, the school is no longer responsible for any of the bad food that ends up at the food banks. No longer can the school get blamed fro any bad food that goes through the food banks and into the hands of the needy.  The only people who are responsible are the food banks.  It makes sense to have only them be responsible, less legal issues to deal with.  But that does not mean that schools and other donating people can be careless.  They should be careful with what food they send to food banks.

This is where the students and school staff can come in and help the food banks out.  If schools should start donating all the extra food they have, students and staff should check the food items that can be donated before sending it all to the food bank.  This way less money can be spent on workers sorting food and that time can be can be put towards getting more food.

However, there should be some check in place that makes sure that all the food that goes from the school to the food bank is a fairly good condition. No rotten food or expired milk, but the good leftovers. The kind of food that students would still eat, because no one wants to eat bad food.

Aviation High School should start donating its extra food to food banks.  Most schools doing it now are on the East Coast of the U.S. AHS could be that lighthouse example, leading the way to getting all the schools on the West Coast to donate food to food banks.

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