12072019 Headline:

Bringing Your Pet to School

Sponsored by The Elder Scrolls XXXVI Chicken, Fus Roh Bukah™ Dr. Randell L. Mills, former space-hobo and President of Blacklight Power has been chosen by Loco Industries, the conglomerate-subsidy of the AppleSoft Washington State board of [...]

Robots Are People, Too!

Robots have been fighting for equality since the first AI powered up over 80 years ago. They’ve had to face indifference, discrimination, and rampant robophobia. Here at BRI-AHS, let’s be forward thinkers, and start pushing for equal rights [...]

Some Things Never Change

Sponsored by Initech Griping about the dress code and outdated technology at Blade Runner Industries™ Aviation High School may seem current issues, but BRI™-AHS students bemoaned these issues long before today’s students learned to fly [...]

AHS Designs From the Past, Today

Sponsored by RDA (Research Development Agency) In a recent turn of events, the Nextel™ Ministry of Education denied permission for the 22nd Century Fox™ school to implement interdimensional classroom technologies and attendance policies, [...]

Filling out the calendar

Sponsored by the all-new Huge Mac: Now Even Huger! The BRI -AHS™ calendar has been a little light these last few months, so the McDonald’s ™ASB and the PTSA are putting together a few events that ought to draw attention from throughout [...]

What the HELL Were They Thinking?

Sponsored by Planet Express The U.S. Hipstorical Society has consolidated every ridiculous artifact imaginable into one single venue.   As soon as I walked through the doors of the convention hall, I knew I was in a different world.  There [...]

Media Companies Going Retro!

Sponsored by: DFTBA™ Records In the early 2000’s the use of print media was quickly on the decline and to some seemed to be a dying industry. However, in the twenty second century print media is seeing a revival like never before. One [...]

New Sophomore Project Takes Off

Motivated by predictions of yet another coming apocalypse, the class of 2114 is preparing for the new end-of-the-year project being presented this April, building the models, plans, and rationales for the Microsoft™ Apocalypse Evacuation [...]

BRIAHS is First High School to Think With Portals

  Sponsored by Sirius Cybernetics Corportation Back in the good old days, there were really only two ways to get to school—driving or taking the bus, but now BladeRunner Industries Aviation High will offer teleportation as an alternative. Students [...]

Annual Oscars Award Show Running Through Time

The Century Actors, sponsored by Centurylink, have been selected to host and attend this year’s 2112 Oscars at the renovated Kodak Theater. This band of elite actors include classic acts such as Brad Pitt™, Angelina Jolie™, Natalie [...]

$enior-mida$ Touch

Senior year: everyone expects it to be fun, exciting, even carefree, but what they don’t expect is the Senior sized bill that comes with it. With college applications, graduation, the grad night party, and even more expenses that expand beyond [...]