12072019 Headline:

Robots Go Classic With Three Laws

  After nearly 120 years of operation, FIRST™(For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics has implemented new programming requirements for competition robots, most notably including the Three Laws of Robotics, [...]

That’s a Vegetable?

Sponsored by McDonald’s Recently the Boeing™ Washington State Legislature approved a new list of foods that schools can claim as vegetables for use in school lunches. “…any food that has at least 50% of a vegetable in it or significantly [...]

The Time Has Come

One century ago, our AHS alumni buried a time capsule filled with their possessions to commemorate moving to their new school building, now known as our port to virtual reality. Now that the day has arrived, we have opened the container and [...]

Clone Wars: The Administration Strikes Back

Sponsored by the Fluke Family of Corporations® Students at Blade Runner Industries™ Aviation High School are provided with advanced technology that helps them pass their classes even if they can’t make it to the lesson, but sneaky students [...]

Parents Scramble for Names

Sponsored by MCP Inc. The Standard Oil Company United States Patent and Trademark Office, sponsored by Encom, has announced it is revising its patent laws due to the lack of names left in the world. “I have no idea what to name my unborn child,” [...]

Rise up and Rally for Robo-Rights

Sponsored by Idoru Robotic Solutions Does a robot not feel? Insult them, and they activate an emotion-sequence and cry. Wrong them and their coding instructs them to seek retribution. Cut through their metal exterior, and they spew sparks and [...]

Say Kaltx’i (Hello) to Teyla

  Sponsored by The Pepsi Traveling Scholars Society™: “Pepsi, for the future greats” Backpack thrown over one shoulder, AP Calculus book in hand, she walks the halls of BladeRunner™ Industries Aviation High School (BRI™AHS). [...]

Local Hackers Attack School Data Matrix

Sponsored by Blade Runner Industries. Blade Runner: your security or else The infamous hacker group called the Deckers are at it again; yet another series of attacks has destroyed the school’s Applesoft server.    The Attack The Decker [...]

Solar Studies

The Pepsi Traveling Scholars Society™ – “Pepsi™, for the future greats”©   Blade Runner Industries Aviation High School™ is joining the ranks of the few and the proud schools who are sending students off to study abroad [...]

Mods Make Un-Modded Mad

        Recently, the growing use in daily life of mods – computerized and genetically designed enhancements to the human body – has led to a significant imbalance between those who can afford modifications and who can’t, [...]

Build a Pet

Sponsored by AMC (The Walking Dead) Build a Pet just yesterday announced the opening of a new store that will be built by BRI™-AHS which will open in just two weeks. Student that haven’t had the opportunity to buy a bio engineered pet now [...]