One century ago, our AHS alumni buried a time capsule filled with their possessions to commemorate moving to their new school building, now known as our port to virtual reality. Now that the day has arrived, we have opened the container and seen a few of the things left behind five generations ago.

Sponsored by the Fluke Family of Corporations® Students at Blade Runner Industries™ Aviation High School are provided with advanced technology that helps them pass their classes even if they can’t make it to the lesson, but sneaky students are abusing that power for their own personal comfort instead of for its intended uses. Since the opening of BRI™-AHS, attendance policies have been strict, but for almost ten years 3D Holographic projection, clones and remote robots have been used at to assist students in their learning. Using these technologies gives them a way to get the information and notes from classes that they have missed. “I really like having the opportunity to use holographic projections and robots to learn for me.” said Hannah[…]

  After nearly 120 years of operation, FIRST™(For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics has implemented new programming requirements for competition robots, most notably including the Three Laws of Robotics, as established in Isaac Asimov’s classic book, I, Robot: A robot may not harm a human being A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. The FIRST™ Robotics Competition (FRC) has been a significant part of Bladerunner Industries™ Aviation High School’s culture ever since 2006. BRIAHS’s team, Skunkworks Robotics, brought to you by Lockbarboebombus™, has performed admirably[…]

Sponsored by McDonald’s Recently the Boeing™ Washington State Legislature approved a new list of foods that schools can claim as vegetables for use in school lunches. “…any food that has at least 50% of a vegetable in it or significantly applied in the process of manufacturing it, such as vegetable oil, is considered a vegetable,” according to the new law. “It also includes any animal that eats vegetables because the nutrition it eats when it is alive gets absorbed into their bodies and transfers to the human body when consumed.” “All the new vegetables have to have some sort of vegetable in them,” said Boeing™ Washington State’s Health Department spokesman Joe Mans. “So like, veggie chips were made of vegetables, and[…]

Sponsored by MCP Inc. The Standard Oil Company United States Patent and Trademark Office, sponsored by Encom, has announced it is revising its patent laws due to the lack of names left in the world. “I have no idea what to name my unborn child,” said pregnant Lia Martes, a parent of an BRI©AHS student. “There is nothing left I like.” The problem is, most of the names are trademarked now.  Celebrities have been choosing names for their children and then trademarking them to keep their child’s life from becoming unbearable. This all can be traced back to a hundred years ago when pop music legends Jay-Z and Beyoncé named their child Blue Ivy and then got it trademarked to keep[…]

Sponsored by Idoru Robotic Solutions Does a robot not feel? Insult them, and they activate an emotion-sequence and cry. Wrong them and their coding instructs them to seek retribution. Cut through their metal exterior, and they spew sparks and seize. In their own way, AI’s are just like you and me. And yet, ever since the first humanoid androids began integrating themselves into the world, they have been forced to fight nut and bolt for the right to act as man’s equal. This month, the Phoenix Flyer challenges you to reach out to them with one of these five ways to care.   Shut Down Robophobic Abuse One thing that robots were never programed for is dealing with those who[…]

  Sponsored by The Pepsi Traveling Scholars Society™: “Pepsi, for the future greats” Backpack thrown over one shoulder, AP Calculus book in hand, she walks the halls of BladeRunner™ Industries Aviation High School (BRI™AHS).  On the outside, she is just like everyone else.  Nobody really knows who she is – yet – but everyone wants to, and soon enough, everyone will. Meet Teyla. Much like the old foreign exchange student program that traded students from AHS with those from Europe, students are now traveling much farther in search of a foreign education.  On the far away, completely water engulfed planet of Aquatenomia, BRI™AHS is at it again with WaveRider™ Academy. “It’s so weird to be walking on solid ground all the[…]

Sponsored by Blade Runner Industries. Blade Runner: your security or else The infamous hacker group called the Deckers are at it again; yet another series of attacks has destroyed the school’s Applesoft server.    The Attack The Decker attack came after Washington CEO ordered that all social services be reallocated based on corporate sponsorship, a move lauded by the true American businessmen but scolded by the common folk. It was at 12:34 Neutron Time when the Deckers attacked the Cyberspace branch of BRI™AHS. ProtectTron local network defenses were overwhelmed by the invaders. As a result of the breach, local custodian cyborg union 92  had their copyright programming deleted by the Deckers. The Union members became free of blade runner protocols and decided to[…]

The Pepsi Traveling Scholars Society™ – “Pepsi™, for the future greats”©   Blade Runner Industries Aviation High School™ is joining the ranks of the few and the proud schools who are sending students off to study abroad across solar systems. At the beginning of the year, the Pepsi Traveling Scholars Society™ visited Aviation and made an offer to students in each grade. They were going to sponsor students to spend a year studying abroad in another solar system. Students were given an application download, which was to be forwarded to the Society once finished. Out of the many students to apply, two BRI-AHS™ students were accepted. BRI-AHS™ junior Melissa Triton will be teleporting to Doritos’ Sky Station™ at the end of this month. She’ll start[…]

        Recently, the growing use in daily life of mods – computerized and genetically designed enhancements to the human body – has led to a significant imbalance between those who can afford modifications and who can’t, and this opportunity gap is particularly prevalent and problematic in education.         At BRI™AHS, the rigorous program only highlights the problem.         “You can really see whose parents have bought them mods and whose haven’t,” said T-3, the AI who teaches the Coca-Cola™ sophomore history class. “The modders are the ones who breeze through the tests and score high every time. The un-modded usually suffer a school-related breakdown about once a week. And, of course, there’s the fact that modded kids have eyes that glow every time[…]

Sponsored by AMC (The Walking Dead) Build a Pet just yesterday announced the opening of a new store that will be built by BRI™-AHS which will open in just two weeks. Student that haven’t had the opportunity to buy a bio engineered pet now get the chance. “I am so psyched,” said sophomore student of AHS Cindy Banes. “that the store is going to be opened soon! I can’t wait to buy myself a piranha- moose!” The school administrators have concern of the new store being open. They fear that there will be new problems, since there were some with the past bio- pets. “The first batch of bio-pets were a huge problem” said Vice Principal Dr. Randell L. Mills.“and us[…]