12162019 Headline:

Reba Gilman moves to the MoF, but keeps her roots at RAHS

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B-Boys breaking down barriers

Bopping their way to the top, B-Boy Club takes a spin on the meaning of having a dance club. New to the list of Thursday clubs, this crew of students is unlike the usual STEM clubs at RAHS and is working to get the student body more involved [...]

Live Blog: 2014 We Day Intro Assembly

Vincent Pierce February 12th, 8:29 am, and the starts of a very busy morning the ASB as they host an introduction to We Day, at Raisbeck Aviation High School. The assembly will consist of school spirit, guest speakers, and other surprises along [...]

Meet the RAHS Spirit Squad

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Avid Flyer

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RAHS Phoenix Flyer

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Have a great summer!

Farewell from the Phoenix Flyer. Share this:TwitterMoreFacebook

Red Bull Sends Man to Space

On Sunday, October 14th, Felix Baumgartner jumped from the edge of space, doing what no one had ever done before. He broke three records in this one jump: highest altitude a balloon has been used to float a man, highest free fall, and fastest [...]

The Phoenix 5 Ways to Volunteer this Summer

Have you always wanted to attend some of the coolest summer events in Seattle, but can’t because the ticket is way out of your price range?  Now is your chance to attend for free—just volunteer. Not only do you get to experience the event, [...]

Free Art (and More) on the House

If you’re stuck wondering what to do on a summer Thursday, try visiting some amazing museums—for free! On every first Thursday of the month, new and old museums open the doors to anyone who wants to check out their art collections. Don’t [...]

Greenix Five

    The sun is shining, the air is fresh and crisp, and you’re inside staring at a newspaper. True, going to school during the week keeps you indoors, and living in the Pacific Northwest means that the weather is often a tad damper [...]