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Live Blog: 2014 We Day Intro Assembly

By Vincent Pierce, Phoenix Flyer Reporter

By Phoenix Flyer

Vincent Pierce February 12th, 8:29 am, and the starts of a very busy morning the ASB as they host an introduction to We Day, at Raisbeck Aviation High School. The assembly will consist of school spirit, guest speakers, and other surprises along the way. The Phoenix Flyer is here to bring the excitement to your computer screens as the morning unfolds.

We-What? RAHS, 8:39 am

ASB Vice President Jonah Graves gives a brief introductory statement intro what today’s assembly is about. In short, today’s assembly will be promoting We-Day, Youth Spark, and all the other people and organizations that play a role in setting up and creating the magnificent program that is Free The Children. Free The Children is a non profit charity dedicated to helping children around the world.

Tech-Turmoil RAHS, 8:53 am


Devin Kennedy pre-checks the audio and projection equipment before the assembly starts. On a high pressure day like this, it’s important that everything runs smoothly. Behind the scenes work is what will make or break the event. All of ASB and some regular students pitch in to make sure everything runs perfectly.




Ranging from setting up chairs to prepping ice cream to last minute technology, everyone is lending a hand or two for today’s success.

Even this guy.


After all, what’s an assembly about spirit without a little Phoenix love?

Khoa Nyguen and the Phoenix perform a celebratory dance for the completion of the mornings work.

Safety First RAHS, 9:27 am


The safety of the students is now at risk as a gap in the staircase presents a chance for an accident. “The bleachers have extended too far out, leaving a space for a foot to fit in. Though it’s minor, the ASB wants no injuries,” said Navath Nhan, junior class captain. “We’re working on a way to resolve this error.”

Game Time RAHS, 9:41


Students of RAHS start to roll into the Boeing Presentation Center. The time has come, everything is in place,and it’s about to be time to rock the house. With over 400 students in attendance, the atmosphere is loud, warm, and musty. But the excitement and spirit of these students is very profound.

A true entrepreneur RAHS, 9:49


Photo courtesy of Emilio Anselmo

Photo courtesy of Emilio Anselmo

Mark Kielburger co-founder of We-Day, presents his story on the creation of several projects he’s helped create. We-Day and Free the Children, both non-profit organizations that are geared toward teenagers to help other kids around the world. Mark and his brother helped create this his brother was 12 years old, and told to stop by adults. This rebellious act turned into a God-send for those that Mark and his brother help.

10:16 Guest speaker Akhtar Badshah, Microsoft Rep, sings Mark happy birthday.

Photo courtesy of Emilio Anselmo

Photo courtesy of Emilio Anselmo

Not all miracles are self propellent. Free the Children has the assistance of Microsoft, amongst other partners. Microsoft has given Free the Children the opprotunity to spread their purpose to the rest of the world. It has allowed for Free the Children to spread beyond the confines of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Short intermission for “High Tens.” Students get up, and give double high fives to their neighbors. It gives them a chance to strech from all the sitting they’ve been doing, as well as well as creating interacting with other students.

We scare hunger, 10:30

Photo courtesy of Emilio Anselmo

Photo courtesy of Emilio Anselmo

Delaunay Brown, a high schooler from Federal Way High School, informs the students of RAHS about her experiences with Free the Children. She also spoke about “We Scare Hunger,” an event on Halloween night where trick-o-treaters ask for cans of food instead of candy, raising thousands of pounds of food.

10:40 Special guest Gabby Rivera, Matt, Aileen

Photo courtesy of Emilio Anselmo

Photo courtesy of Emilio Anselmo

Photo courtesy of Emilio Anselmo

Photo courtesy of Emilio Anselmo


Special guest speakers Gabby R., Matt V., and Aileen N., RAHS students, spoke about their experiences with We-Day, and encouraging more students to participate in the We-Day events. There are many ways to participate, through volunteering at We-Day and through the Youth Spark program.

The end of all things good, 11:47

And as the final speaker walked of the stage, students were given the false impression of ice cream before they returned to classes. This belief was corrected quickly as they were told the ice cream was not for them. According to ASB, the assembly was a success, and hopefully the student population is more aware of the purposes of We Day.

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