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Spirit Week brings peak in dress codes violations

Usually Spirit Week involves dressing up in different themes for each day, but in the week before Spring Fling students were dressing for the weather, regardless of the day’s theme. This resulted in twenty-two detentions. During Spirit Week [...]

Stay in school–cash injections for the low price of an essay

With the year coming to a close, several scholarship winners have been announced. Students have applied, written essays, and key industry players have chosen scholarship recipients. Geneva Rossman was the recipient of a $5000 scholarship from [...]

We could have company

  On 3 May 2016, a team of professors and students at the University of Liège in Belgium discovered three potentially habitable planets orbiting around an ultracool dwarf star about forty light years away from Earth. Even though forty [...]

The end-of-semester blues

Studies and statistics show that students’ stress during the finals week increases drastically, and students in a desperate time will look for any and every solution to keep them awake and alert.   “Nearly half (49%) of all students [...]

Famous tradition overlaps with another

While some were dressing in sequins and giving flowers to one another for the Aviators’ Ball, other students decided to take a different approach to their November night. Students were encouraged by both flyers and the NOTAM to apply to [...]

A Mountain Range Of Speed Bumps

The sound of scraping suspensions and the sea of red brake lights can been seen and heard throughout the front of the school. The official speed limit is 10 mph throughout the lot. The new implementation of the speed bumps are supposed to slow [...]

Reba Gilman moves to the MoF, but keeps her roots at RAHS

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B-Boys breaking down barriers

Bopping their way to the top, B-Boy Club takes a spin on the meaning of having a dance club. New to the list of Thursday clubs, this crew of students is unlike the usual STEM clubs at RAHS and is working to get the student body more involved [...]
The RAHS Phoenix builds spirit for We Day

Live Blog: 2014 We Day Intro Assembly

Vincent Pierce February 12th, 8:29 am, and the starts of a very busy morning the ASB as they host an introduction to We Day, at Raisbeck Aviation High School. The assembly will consist of school spirit, guest speakers, and other surprises along [...]

Meet the RAHS Spirit Squad

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Avid Flyer

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