Troy Hoehne’s Aviation Law class consists of students interested in learning about what happens behind the scenes of all things aviation, specifically regarding to the laws and regulations surrounding the industry. The class is now in the process of working on a large project, where students must come up with compelling reasons to continue service at small, local airports. They must research the services and opportunities the local airports and the surrounding community offer, and the impact losing commercial aviation would have if it were lost. When all research is gathered, students will draft, edit, and revise a formal presentation to a simulated council of airline officials. Sophomore Arianna Montoya is a student of Aviation Law has helped deepen her[…]

Henry Feehan, a junior at RAHS, is a serious motocross competitor, who dedicates significant portions of his weekends and breaks to practice and compete. He has even qualified for the national championship in Tennessee, and likely would have attended the championship this year had it not been for his injury, sustained during a practice lap. It takes significant dedication and commitment for Feehan to stay at the top of his game, and setbacks are par for the course in such an intense sport. “Motocross is a sport in which 40 competitors ride motorcycles around a dirt track, racing for 30 minutes, and once the 30 minutes have elapsed, an additional 2 laps,” said Feehan. “Whoever passes the checkered flag first[…]

RAHS sophomores Wren Bergin and Davie Anne Ross are in the process of setting up a music lessons program at Highline High School. The two offer instrument lessons ranging from novice to advanced in expertise based on the student’s instrument of choice. Anyone with a passion for learning or improving their skills with an instrument of choice is encouraged to participate. Bergin and Ross pride themselves on their approach to teaching styles geared towards the individual and their unique pricing structure, separating them from other music lesson rates in the area. “Davie Anne and I are offering $15 or less per lesson which is more accessible to all families. said Bergin. Another difference is that Davie and I are 10th[…]

Next school year, while the core part of the schedule will be the same, new classes will be added. Over the past year, Office Manager Trish McGuire has been working on the new schedule. “There are many new classes possibly being added for next year,” said McGuire. There are a large variety of potential new classes being added to next year’s roster. “Some of the new classes might include “Photography, Physics, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and two programming classes,” said McGuire. Even though he is a senior, Sameer Romani is excited that some of these classes are being added to the RAHS curriculum. “I think that the addition of Unmanned Aerial Systems would be very beneficial and fit the model of[…]

Former RAHS English teacher for at least a decade, Mary Ciccone-Cook, has been up to big things. Mrs. Cook has been gone for almost an entire year now, and while there are parts about RAHS she misses, she is enjoying her life away from the school. Living in upstate New York, Ms. Cook has become a Career and Technical Education (CTE) English Instructor; a teacher for people in the workforce. “CTE is big here,” said Cook, “with programs in automotive technology, building trades, electrical technology, culinary arts, cosmetology, agriculture, health occupations, and others.” As a CTE instructor, Cook is implementing English Language Arts (ELA) standards into her technical curriculum. “I’m in charge of embedding the ELA standards and curriculum into[…]

Link Crew is a program led by upperclassmen designed to help incoming freshmen get through their first year of high school at RAHS. While it has been beneficial to some students, many students feel that it has not assisted their transition into high school. Freshman Gurleen Kaur is one of the students that did not experience the benefit of Link Crew. “I don’t think it is beneficial to have a Link Crew,” said Kaur. “Most of the time Link Crew meetings are at lunch which is the only time students get to socialize with their friends. Also if students have questions they usually just ask each other right away and don’t need to rely on other help.” Freshman Fela Goerz[…]

Some students from the 2020 graduating class are planning on pursuing their education outside of RAHS through Running Start. The program provides students an opportunity to, in many cases, take college level courses at their local college whilst still enrolled in high school. Participation includes graduating with an associates degree. Although the choice of where students go to further their education is their decision, the unintended consequences of this will significantly affect the financial support the school receives. Although many sophomores are unsure if they will participate, it is a looming thought. Sophomore McKenzie Firestone believes Running Start will help her in ways that a regular general education here at RAHS wouldn’t, and that it will open more doors for[…]

During second period on Thursday, 29 Mar. 2018, Flight by Design teacher Nikhil Joshi took his class to a Boeing facility to experience an Eco-Demonstration; a presentation by Boeing engineers about the new technologies they are trying to implement onto a FedEx owned 777. In this Eco-Demonstration, the Flight by Design class got to visit twelve stations, which explained the ingenuitive modifications made to the Boeing plane. “We visited about twelve stations over two hours to learn about different aspects,” said Joshi, “from collision avoidance while taxiing on the ground, to the next-generation collision avoidance system for flying in the air, to fire suppression technologies inside of the airplanes, to more efficient thrust reversers, to the use of 3D printing[…]

From 6-8 PM on 20 April 2018, RAHS Speech and Debate held their annual Mystery Dinner with tickets priced at $15 to raise funds for the team. The dinner was an interactive show with the theme of Family Feud between two families; the Grundelpliths and the Robinsons. Filip Grundelplith, the father of the family, was murdered during the show and the audience had to discover who was the perpetrator with the evidence presented to them. “Every year, we do a different theme for the show and characters,” said Hong Ta, junior and executive Speech and Debate member who played the role of Kim Grundelplith during the dinner. “This year it [was] Family Feud, so characters included the two families, and[…]

For the summer of 2018, Boeing is offering 11 internships for students at RAHS who are interested in the aviation and other related fields. Career Choices teacher Renee Olsen is helping coordinate all of these opportunities, and Boeing has increased the amount of them offered. Olsen has been very involved in the preparation for these opportunities. “We have 11 Boeing internships offered this year, and that’s up from 7 last year, and they range from web design to chemical departments,” said Olsen. “There’s quite a wide variety of them.” Boeing offers these jobs in areas and departments that require more attention. “They are very similar [to previous years], but different departments can join in, so a department that has need,[…]