Paine Field’s first commercial airport expansion is currently under development by Propeller Airports, an airport development company that focuses on catering to niche markets, providing an alternative to the crowded hallways of larger airports. The development is the result of pioneering efforts by Propeller, which seeks to expand into more regional markets. “I think this will be the nicest terminal in the United States,” said Propeller CEO Brett Smith. “We’re going to operate 24 flights per day to 20 destinations, with room for roughly 1800 passengers.” Smith has been interested in aviation since childhood. Opening privatized airports are a natural progression of his passion and the Pacific Northwest provides a great environment for him to do so. “The people of[…]

Wind Team has been a part of RAHS for almost 2 years now, gearing up for the bi-annual collegiate Wind Turbine Competition. They were unable to compete in the competition, however, because they were a high school team and not a collegiate team. That being said, the team still attended the competition in order to test their turbine and to learn more about wind energy. RAHS junior and Wind Team member Oliver Low was still excited about attending the competition even if his team wasn’t able to compete. “While we aren’t able to actually compete due to being a high school team,” said Low, “we are grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate our turbine in front of the collegiate competition,[…]

Two years ago, the Museum of Flight’s education program started the Aeronautical Science Pathway (ASP), a free program allowing high school juniors and seniors with a passion to pursue a career in an aviation related field to earn up to 60 college credits. Several weeks ago, an Information Night was held following the low 2017-2018 school year enrollment numbers, and attracted over 90 people. Sara Strasner, the Museum of Flight’s new Boeing Academy for STEM Learning Manager, was  thrilled with the success of Information Night. “Information Night was such a huge success! We had outstanding presentations from our current students,” said Strasner, “and lots of interested prospective students and their parents as well.” The turnout was well deserved. Over the[…]

On 27 Apr. 2018, Mr. Aviation, RAHS’ male beauty pageant, was held in the BPC. The contestants tried their hand at a dance, showcased their many skills in a talent show, and demonstrated how smooth of a talker they are when answering questions. The 2018 winner of Mr. Aviation, sophomore Chase Barton, will receive a cardboard cutout of himself, a free parking spot, and free tickets to every RAHS dance for the next school year.   During this year’s Mr. Aviation Pageant, junior Kenny Pham, ASB President-elect and Mr. Aviation contestant, created the dance that all of the contestants perform at the beginning of the Pageant. Pham was the 2017 Mr. Aviation victor and is known for his dance moves.[…]

I cannot count the amount of times I have been let down in a group project. In every group project, I have always been assigned with at least one IDIOT PARTNER who has absolutely NO understanding of a WORK ETHIC. I get it, when we leave high school and face the real world, we’re going to have to learn how to work with other people. But all of these group projects SERIOUSLY have me considering a career in a cave dwelling or in any other job that requires minimal human collaboration. Any more of this and I’ll pack my bags and head to the ocean because it’s easier to collaborate with crustaceans than the kids in our school. Humans, supposedly[…]

Dear Ground Control, Why are all of your questions fake? Sincerely, An Underwhelmed Reader Dear Underwhelmed Reader, Wow, I’m hurt. Just kidding, I don’t dwell on small things, like your opinion and the questions submitted to the local newspaper advice column. Anyways, to answer your question, I am going to ask you a few: If I were just going to make up questions, why would I go to the trouble of creating a tinyurl and a physical box to which students in the school can submit their questions? Why would I try to give myself more work by creating “fake questions” when I could just take it easy and respond to already submitted questions? Who do you think I am?[…]

The thought of cutting open a dead animal is disgusting, but the learning behind this unit is critical for students. Though many students find the dissection unit helpful, some say otherwise. Sophomore Joseph Pacini thought that the dissections unit was a beneficial experience. “I think the dissection[s were] worth all the time we spend working up to it and during it,” said Pacini. “It comes to show how we can apply our knowledge to a real world situation and do it well.” Although the dissections were time consuming, he believes that it has helped everyone. “Knowing what goes into a dissection takes a lot of time and work,” said Pacini, “and I think that although it was challenging, we needed[…]

In the start of September, Flight by Design (FbD) let loose by giving their students more freedom by the students breaking off into teams to tackle their year-long projects of interest. There are six different projects; each team ranges from three to eight people in each team. Nikhil Joshi is the teacher of the second period class, FbD. Joshi takes a unique approach to the course; instead of telling students what to do, Joshi lets students figure out their projects by themselves. “Students have been working on them since September,” said Joshi. “Students design their own project, I have no idea what they have in mind in the start of the year. They design a project, break themselves into teams,[…]

Wind team is upping the ante by taking their turbine to Chicago to prepare for collegiate-level competitions. While they won’t technically be competing, the team will travel to the Collegiate Wind Competition on 7 May through the 10th in order to test their turbine for a consistent power output under the same conditions as the college teams, and to present their progress to the Department of Energy. Although the higher level competition will be much more challenging, Junior Tom Connolly feels the team will benefit from the surplus of high-quality materials to test their turbines. “I am really interested to see how the turbine will perform in a real wind tunnel because we haven’t really had the opportunity to test[…]

As the 2018 school year comes to an end, the AP testing due date slowly approaches, building stress for juniors and seniors. As for students who plan on taking the AP test next year, learning from those with experience is essential. Junior Kenny Pham believes that there is a lot there is to do to prepare, like reviewing all of the years work. “There’s definitely a lot of time that needs to be put in in order to prepare for an AP test,” said Pham. “For my AP U.S. History test, I’ve been re-reading every individual section of one of our major study guides.” Reviewing isn’t the only strategy available to prepare for testing. Pham also did practice tests. “I’ve[…]

As RAHS seniors rapidly approach the end of the year and graduation, the select few who have chosen to participate in the Senior Showcase are wrapping up their projects before their presentations. But with too few putting forth projects for the Showcase, they may not get the chance. Teo Bagnoli has been designing and building a Go-Kart for his submission to this year’s Senior Showcase. “I set up the frame design myself, and it’s constructed from square tube aluminium in the interest of weight reduction,” said Bagnoli. “The whole kart is going to weigh under 150 lbs in the end and it should be a lot of fun to drive.” Initially, Bagnoli planned on building the Go-Kart as a way[…]