RAHS will see new classes introduced in the Fall of 2018. These new classes are being added due to student interest data gathered by the district. Classes such as Photojournalism and UAS will be added which allows students to explore new pathways. During the spring of 2018, students filled out a survey regarding classes that may intrigue them. With all the responses, Principal Therese Tipton and her team came together to discuss the results. “Earlier this year there was a district wide survey about courses kids are interested in and then we always have teachers that are interested in pursuing passions that they have,” said Tipton. “So everything kind of all comes together and we have a strategic planning team[…]

Many RAHS students have applied and are preparing for internships during the 2018 summer. The internships provide a great learning opportunities to students exploring and learning about their future careers. RAHS Junior Aivy Nguyen is interning for an orthodontics clinic and is hoping to learn more about her future career as an orthodontist. “I am going to be working at Povolny Orthodontics in Southcenter. I’m interested in orthodontics so he offered me a position as a sterilization technician and basically that’s making sure that all the dental instruments are sterilized completely, cleaning up the stations, and welcoming in patients to the offices.” Nguyen has begun her training sessions and has already learned much about the field of orthodontics. “I’ve already[…]

Toshiki Kumakura, retired RAHS AP Japanese and Spanish teacher, left RAHS last year and has been making his mark in the Federal Way school system. Before he began substituting, Kumakura took some time off to help his son with his newborn baby. “I was in Spokane for more than four months [helping my son], and I came back and started subbing for high schools in Federal Way,” said Kumakura. Not only does Kumakura sub for the Federal Way school system he also works at a school similar to RAHS. “I actually started teaching Spanish at Technology Access Foundation School. It is like Aviation, it is a STEM school in Federal Way.” Even though Kumakura has been spending more time with[…]

As summer rapidly approaches, and the days become hotter, RAHS students are finally allowed to wear shorts to school beginning 1 May 2018. Junior Matthew Morin is also excited to be able to change things up with summer around the corner, and arrived to school on the first day of May wearing shorts. “It’s just way more comfortable,” say Morin, “We’ve already had a bunch of hot days throughout April and it’s way better than wearing Khakis out in the sun.” Senior Kier Hichens also took the first opportunity to wear shorts and arrived to school wearing a pair of blue bermuda shorts, despite a chilly 55 degree morning. “I know I will be significantly happier until the end of[…]

On 21 Mar. 2018, a new bill supporting civic education was signed into law in Washington State. The bill will require this year’s freshmen to take a standalone civics class as a requirement for graduation in hopes to increase young people’s knowledge of government. Because RAHS is a smaller school than some others in the district, it can be difficult to add new classes. Counselor Katie Carper will play a large part in incorporating the new mandatory Civics class into the master schedule. Even if some classes have to be sacrificed to meet the requirement, RAHS will be able to continue to provide most of the specialized classes that make the school unique. “We don’t know yet [how it will[…]

Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, Wayne Storer joined Sarah Fitzpatrick Erdmann as the co-sophomore English teacher. The two teachers have had to work together to teach sophomore students the reading and writing skills necessary to be successful in their junior year. Though they are using the same curriculum, the two teachers implement their own style of teaching into their classes, offering different perspectives on the same material. Storer reads entire novels to his class over the course of the semester. “I’m a big novel guy,” said Storer. “I love having a novel that we all share together that is our common text. When you have a novel that you all work on together, you all do close reading practice[…]

Teenage vaping has become a hotly debated topic in society at large, as well as in the RAHS school community. In light of the 27 Jan. 2018 Winter Ball ending early due to students being caught vaping and the onset of prom season, more caution is being taken in hopes to prevent another incident. RAHS Junior Juarez Rosborough believes that vaping as a whole is the decision of the student, but should be taken seriously in school and school-sanctioned events. “In our school setting I see [vaping] as uncalled for; I don’t see why you would need to vape at school,” said Rosborough. “If you want to do it outside of school then go ahead, it’s your life you can[…]

The annual Environmental Challenge Project (ECP) kicked off 17 April. However, this year’s timeline is different as there is one less week for students to prepare before presenting to the Port of Seattle airport director and their committee. Sophomore Nick Ankuta feels that having more time to complete the project would have been helpful. “[The timeline] didn’t affect us much the first week. We didn’t completely know what we were getting into,” said Ankuta. “But two weeks in, we can feel the presentation approaching and we’re both rushed and stressed.” Groups have had to cope with not having access to the information they need in order to get started on their projects. “It’s been difficult getting all of the information[…]

This year two RAHS projects will be sent into orbit. One of the projects is from the after school club Satellite Club (SAT Club). SAT Club has been working with the University of Washington to launch a satellite into space. The satellite needs to be finalized before 1 Aug. 2018 for NASA review and the launch will then take place near the end of 2018. Senior Andrew Struthers joined SAT Club when it was formed. This year he has been working with his team on creating a satellite to photograph different parts of the Earth. Struthers hopes the student-made satellite will be able to complete its given tasks. “The board is going to take pictures of the earth from low[…]

Dear RAHS Students, Actually, no. Apparently we don’t need to have a heading for emails anymore because your email etiquette is trash. Which is great because when you cc everyone for your random email with a pointlessly vague subject line we all know exactly who you’re referring to. Especially when the email is sent at 11:59 pm the day before the event you’re trying to inform me of. Because I can almost guarantee that whether I  check my email later that night or early the next morning I will without a doubt be tired, irritable, and very unlikely to see your email labeled “meeting ToMORROW!” and care to read on. Even if I somehow muster the energy to click on[…]

Dear Ground Control, Why the hell are underclassman wearing their middle school sports gear?   Sincerely, Shook Senior   Dear Shooketh, There’s a simple answer for this: an inferiority complex. Back in middle school, these underclassmen were on top of the world. In eighth grade, they were the dominating class and had complete power over the puny, younger classes. They could cut in the lunch line without fear of repercussion; they could make fun of the tiny sixth graders all they want; they were at the prime of their lives. As they were upheaved into high school, they went from having total control to having none. Suddenly, they were at the bottom of the food chain, “fresh meat,” if you[…]