05242019 Headline:

Process for choosing new classes going well?

RAHS will see new classes introduced in the Fall of 2018. These new classes are being added due to student interest data gathered by the district. Classes such as Photojournalism and UAS will be added which allows students to explore new pathways. During [...]

School ends, internships commence

Many RAHS students have applied and are preparing for internships during the 2018 summer. The internships provide a great learning opportunities to students exploring and learning about their future careers. RAHS Junior Aivy Nguyen is interning [...]

Retired RAHS teacher returns to the classroom

Toshiki Kumakura, retired RAHS AP Japanese and Spanish teacher, left RAHS last year and has been making his mark in the Federal Way school system. Before he began substituting, Kumakura took some time off to help his son with his newborn baby. “I [...]

A short discussion on the new dress code

As summer rapidly approaches, and the days become hotter, RAHS students are finally allowed to wear shorts to school beginning 1 May 2018. Junior Matthew Morin is also excited to be able to change things up with summer around the corner, and [...]

New bill implements more graduation requirements onto RAHS students

On 21 Mar. 2018, a new bill supporting civic education was signed into law in Washington State. The bill will require this year’s freshmen to take a standalone civics class as a requirement for graduation in hopes to increase young people’s [...]

Reading with a different pair of eyes

Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, Wayne Storer joined Sarah Fitzpatrick Erdmann as the co-sophomore English teacher. The two teachers have had to work together to teach sophomore students the reading and writing skills necessary to [...]

Vape nation, or vape cessation?

Teenage vaping has become a hotly debated topic in society at large, as well as in the RAHS school community. In light of the 27 Jan. 2018 Winter Ball ending early due to students being caught vaping and the onset of prom season, more caution [...]

Sophomores scramble to meet tight ECP deadlines

The annual Environmental Challenge Project (ECP) kicked off 17 April. However, this year’s timeline is different as there is one less week for students to prepare before presenting to the Port of Seattle airport director and their committee. [...]

RAHS space projects are out of this world

This year two RAHS projects will be sent into orbit. One of the projects is from the after school club Satellite Club (SAT Club). SAT Club has been working with the University of Washington to launch a satellite into space. The satellite needs [...]

Email Etiquette Snark Attack

Dear RAHS Students, Actually, no. Apparently we don’t need to have a heading for emails anymore because your email etiquette is trash. Which is great because when you cc everyone for your random email with a pointlessly vague subject line [...]

Grand Cantral

Dear Ground Control, Why the hell are underclassman wearing their middle school sports gear?   Sincerely, Shook Senior   Dear Shooketh, There’s a simple answer for this: an inferiority complex. Back in middle school, these underclassmen [...]