04202019 Headline:

Ground Control No More Advice or Spirit

Dear Ground Control, What am I going to do now that I can’t get wondrous advice from ground control? Any last words? Sincerely, A Confused Student   Dear Confused Student, Wow, I’m sad. I’m kidding, is there really a point to [...]

Snarky Malarkey

You think I don’t notice. You think that no one sees you. You think you’re safe in your cozy aviation themed socks. But I know what you’ve done and you better not think there aren’t consequences. I walk through the halls, into [...]

Physics end of the year project takes full flight

RAHS physics teacher Dona Bien-Aime is implementing within the AP Physics 1 and 2 classes a comprehensive end-of-the-year project applying physics concepts taught throughout the year to investigate why the Concorde jet was so inefficient. Senior [...]

Astronomy class discovers new cosmic concepts

RAHS’ UW Astronomy class is preparing for presenting their end of year projects to astronomers and physicists on 12 June. Astronomy student junior Paul Richards is excited to present what he and his group have discovered to students, astronomers, [...]

Students suffer tedium from too many tests

As the final school day on 20 Jun. 2018 creeps closer, teachers must test students on the class material they’ve been working on throughout the year. While some teachers may choose to do a traditional final exam, some teachers at RAHS have [...]

Sameer Romani shows you how to suit up

We all know senior Sameer Romani, if not by name, but by his attire. A suit. Every day. But Sameer dresses to impress, and he impresses a lot of powerful people. “The mentors I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with range from all [...]

Museum focuses on the Vietnam War

In affiliation with RAHS, the Museum of Flight (MoF) is constructing another aviation exhibit near the school. By 11 Nov. 2018, Project Welcome Home (PWH), a memorial to recognize Vietnam War veterans and display a newly-renovated Boeing B-52G [...]

Senior Showcase Showdown

Despite some speculation on whether or not the Senior Showcase had enough participants, the event, which occurred on 30 and 31 May 2018, featured several impressive projects such as rebuilt cars, scratch-built go-karts, and auto-piloted drones. RAHS [...]

Students learn value of community service

Summer is an opportune time to volunteer for great causes throughout the local community. There are many options to choose from, ranging from volunteering at local animal shelters, to running community camps. Volunteering builds character, [...]

Shiroma relaxes for the first time

Since leaving RAHS last year, former chemistry teacher Garrett Shiroma moved to Ewa Beach on the island O’ahu in Hawai’i. Shiroma has been entirely focused on his business plan, which has moved away from his original food truck plan and [...]

Leaving seniors leave advice

The class of 2018 is graduating 14 June 2018. After four year at RAHS, they have useful information on how to traverse high school for underclassmen. Senior and athlete Hannah Kaiser knows that studies are important in life especially in high [...]