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Project Labs

  Currently, the students at Aviation High School have access to many tools programs and labs. However, at the new school they will have newer and better resources than before.   One of the labs currently available is the chemistry lab which [...]

Potential tech interns look no further

Microsoft is offering all high schools in the Puget Sound area to opportunity to apply for a paid internship over this summer. With applications due March 11 and only twenty students accepted, the competition is fierce, but the reward will [...]

Senior Cieskiewicz ready to surf brainwaves

  Aviation High School senior Paula Cieskiewicz has just been awarded an internship through the National Science Foundation (NSF) Engineering Research Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CNSE) at the University of Washington’s [...]

Building the next generation of efficiency

Ford, Nissan and Daimler have teamed up to develop a common fuel cell system to put affordable fuel cell electric vehicles on the road as early as 2017. “The goal of the collaboration is to jointly develop a common fuel cell electric [...]

Webcomic Shenanigans

Recently, webcomics have become a common topic with the students at Aviation High School. “Oh yeah, the AHS kiddos who read webcomics like Homestuck and xkcd are definitely the cool kids of the school,” says Grace Cieszkiewicz, a junior [...]

Ubuntu, Coming Soon to Phones Near You

Canonical Ltd., the producer of Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution in the world, announced that they were to enter the mobile platform on January 2 of this year. They advertised a new hardware lineup of phones and the operating system [...]

Shocking the auto industry

Tesla Motors is a US-based company that designs, manufactures and sells electric cars and components. This public company gained widespread attention by producing the Tesla Roadster, the first fully electric sports car, and is stirring up the [...]

Googling to the Moon

Two years after Google launched the Google Lunar X Prize, the Lunar Lion team from Penn  State University continues to work towards putting a rover on the moon. “A total of $30 million in prizes are available to the first privately funded [...]

Satellite Tech Propelling Forward

Recently, Boeing announced the first ever communications satellite to use no chemical propulsion at all, which has profound implications for the future of space. The $400 million deal just signed with Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) and Satelites [...]

Famous Philanthropist Funds Future

Paul Allen, billionaire philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft, has announced the decision at a press conference in Seattle on March 21 to put an additional $300 million into the cause of mapping the human brain. Allen said that the goal [...]

Shredding the Speed Limit

Shelby Supercars (SSC), a Washington-based company, is aiming to make their new SSC Tuatara the fastest production car in the world. The Tuatara was released last year, and has been showcased at various auto shows, among them the Pebble Beach [...]
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