07132020 Headline:

Building a future after high school

For high schoolers at Raisbeck Aviation High School, it’s tough to choose the right career path. Often, the best way for students to take advantage of opportunities is to look at others and their solid foundations. Those who have a specific [...]

Future of Windows 10 in HSD unknown

A big question many are asking is Highline School District considering updating to Windows 10. Currently it is unknown whether the district is interested in the new operating system, but it has several benefits and drawbacks to consider. “I [...]

F5: A refresh for student laptops

Last year, all students, except graduating seniors, were able to keep their school laptops over the summer. While some used their laptops extensively over the previous summer, others opted to use their own computers instead. Although this is [...]

Searching for research

Universities offer a plethora of opportunities, from internships to extracurriculars, sports, clubs, and student organizations, and many of the most beneficial opportunities involve undergraduate research. While scientific and technological [...]

NASA tests new ‘flying saucer’

NASA has given the world another glimpse of its revolutionary flying saucer technology, which will play a crucial role in future Mars missions. The 15-foot wide, 7,000-pound test vehicle underwent a “spin test” on a table at NASA’s Jet [...]

Northrop Grumman advertises stealth fighter

The Super Bowl is known almost as much for its advertising as it is for the game itself. Amidst the usual ads for products like cars, beer, and life insurance for children, there was one spot featuring a mysterious flying wing, hidden under [...]

Getting paid to fly drones

Vlad Nazarov, Romi Almeda and Josh Markovich were all into drones before high school and had been flying for years. “We have been hired eight different times,” said Almeda, “including filming Raisbeck Aviation High School twice and, [...]

Alumni bestow wisdom on current students

As seniors look forward to graduation, students look to the future with fear and anticipation. College looms on the horizon for many students and the experiences of former alumni could help illuminate the way. College is a huge change coming [...]

Students approve of Bertha’s stay

On Jan. 27, 2015, the Washington State Department of Transportation decided to continue on with the tunneling project. This means that Seattle will continue tunneling with Bertha until it is finished. On Feb. 20, 2015, Bertha drilled to a rescue [...]

The drowsy outbreak at RAHS

“Every single high school student I have ever measured in terms of their alertness is a walking zombie,” said Cornell sleep expert James Maas in an article written in the Washington Post. Students dozing off or falling asleep in class is [...]

Fantasy Football for all

As the football season comes to a close, multiple students’ Fantasy Football rankings are starting to pan out and winners of Fantasy leagues are beginning to become more clear. To the estimated 30 million people who will play in fantasy leagues [...]