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Alumni bestow wisdom on current students

As seniors look forward to graduation, students look to the future with fear and anticipation. College looms on the horizon for many students and the experiences of former alumni could help illuminate the way. College is a huge change coming [...]

Students approve of Bertha’s stay

On Jan. 27, 2015, the Washington State Department of Transportation decided to continue on with the tunneling project. This means that Seattle will continue tunneling with Bertha until it is finished. On Feb. 20, 2015, Bertha drilled to a rescue [...]

The drowsy outbreak at RAHS

“Every single high school student I have ever measured in terms of their alertness is a walking zombie,” said Cornell sleep expert James Maas in an article written in the Washington Post. Students dozing off or falling asleep in class is [...]

Fantasy Football for all

As the football season comes to a close, multiple students’ Fantasy Football rankings are starting to pan out and winners of Fantasy leagues are beginning to become more clear. To the estimated 30 million people who will play in fantasy leagues [...]


This Christmas season is being welcomed by many tech gifts for all types of people, and the students of RAHS have a good sense of what they want for the holidays. This year, many teens’ Christmas lists will contain a variety of gadgets including [...]

New technology debuts in the form of smart watches

  2014 was the year where smart watches received more exposure to the public eye, but now that 2015 has hit, smart watches are poised to make a big splash. Now more than ever, more people have smartphones that have become an essential part [...]

New 3D printer jumps onto the RAHS radar

On the first of Dec. 2014 the PACCAR Foundation granted RAHS $147,000 for the purchase of a Fortus 400mc 3D printer, which is larger and more capable than either of the two the school currently has. This new printer boasts the ability to use [...]

Students integrating CAD outside of the lab

By Will Smith Students in Robert Steele’s Computer-Aided Design class have had the opportunity to learn new skills to create computerized models and are now putting their computer knowledge to use for other classes. With CAD, users are able [...]

Far-out Atomic Acoustics

By Logan McSwain For the first time, researchers at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden, were able to record the sound of an artificial atom by simulating acoustic waves. As reported by the researchers, the sound of an atom is similar [...]

Word on the street: Windows vs. OS X

By: Joe Spallino Is the average RAHS student a Mac, or a PC? Most can agree that each has its ups and downs, and that preferences may change based on what it’s used for, whether it’s hardcore gaming or graphic design and visual media editing. However [...]

RAHS lacks AP Computer courses

By Justin Sim Though RAHS embraces code writing as a language of the future, students are unable to take advanced computer classes at the school. This comes as a disappointment for students wanting to seek a career specific to computer science [...]
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