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A Go bot and a racist bot walk into a bar

While humanoid androids aren’t commonplace in 2016, as it has been predicted in classic science fiction, artificial intelligence has had major milestones and controversies in the first four months of this year. One of the major milestones [...]

Move over, Pluto!

The recent discovery of a KBO (Kuiper Belt Object, large asteroids and dwarf planets that orbit the sun in the Kuiper Belt region,) called “2012 GB174”  has lead to new mathematical predictions for a possible location of the ninth planet. In [...]

The environmental disaster no one’s talking about

Phytoplankton–an abstract word for a simple concept. Plainly put, phytoplankton are the wide variety of plant-like organisms that make up the very bottom rung of the oceans’ ecological ladder. Unfortunately for the oceans (and for us), [...]

RAHS videogame community welcomes exciting new XCOM game

Video games are a cornerstone of student culture at RAHS, and the recent release of XCOM 2, the newest game in an extremely popular and long-spanning series, has many eager to experience the next chapter in the game’s rich story. Veteran [...]

New helmet technology overdue response to dangers of football

In the wake of Kenney Bui’s passing after receiving injuries from his football game last October, more and more parents are pressuring high schools to spend the time and money necessary to ensure their children’s safety on the field. [...]

Atoms take the printing stage

3D printers have revolutionized the manufacturing industry, and now the newest competitor is in development. DARPA, or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has posted a challenge to companies to make a device that can assemble structures [...]

“Gene Drive” could genetically modify an entire wild species

The genes for ending malaria, typhus, and a whole host of invasive species, seem like an easy fix to the ever-persistent pandemics that ravage third world countries. Unfortunately, while supplanting these characteristics into fetal specimens [...]

Space Launch System passes critical design testing

The Space Launch System, NASA’s latest project, has recently passed critical testing, showing a resurgence of American presence in space. The new spacecraft is remarkable in that it is the largest, most powerful spacecraft ever created, said [...]

Multinational scientific collaboration yields interdisciplinary marvel

Modern-day solar cells have made immense strides in their ability to capture the intrinsic energy of the sun since their emergence in 1839. However, mankind’s efforts to harness this power have always been outshone by the efficiency of one [...]

Two truths and a lot of lies

Information heard on the internet isn’t always true, but misinformation about scientific discoveries and inventions are becoming increasingly common to find in legitimate news because of how quickly they spread online. Sometimes, misinformation [...]

To block or not to block

As with many public institutions, Raisbeck Aviation High School is heavily pressured to filter certain websites, such as those which are deemed harmful towards minors. However, the filtering program has disserviced some students in the past. [...]
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