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Kinect Hacking

For the better part of three decades, robotics has been stuck: When a robot moves through the world it must have the ability to create a 3D map of its environment and more importantly, understand its place within it. Scientists in the field [...]

Copyright Laws Threaten Online Security

More Internet users are now caught in copyright pitfalls than ever before. Some are facing lawsuits and crimninal charges just because they aren’t aware how copyright law works. The January takedown of Megaupload, a popular cloud-based file [...]

Looking Up Young Innovators

Due to last year’s success, Google is holding another science fair in an attempt to gather the brightest youth and their stellar ideas, offering a prospective chance at the limelight. The company is coaxing youth between thirteen and eighteen [...]

Computer Problems on the Mend

Last year, Chris Lu, Dustin Werran, and Nathan Redon, three AHS juniors, noticed that many students were being turned away from AHS CAD classes for lack of capable machines.  They found that the Highline School District’s approved vendor [...]

Space Travel Revolutionized

 On December 13, entrepreneur and philanthropist Paul G. Allen announced that he and aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan have reunited to develop Stratolaunch, the next generation of space travel. Stratolaunch Systems is like a normal space shuttle [...]

Digital Dreams

In a recent poll, students both shared their thoughts on where Aviation should go technologically once it moves into its new school building, and showed that the future of AHS’s computers is mobile. Of those that were asked the question, [...]

An Inkling of Creativity

By allowing artists to store their sketches done in the ‘real world’ in an electronic format, the new Wacom Inkling removes the need for hours of tedious scanning and retouching. The Inkling comes in two parts: a receiver and a pen. Users [...]

Russian Mars Rover Falls Short

The Russian Mars rover Phobos-Grunt was launched on November 8th from the Site 45 in the Baikonur Cosmodrome, in Kazakhstan. The spacecraft was supposed to reach the Martian atmosphere around October 9th, 2012. All was going as planned, until [...]

Beware the Terms and Conditions

“Terms of Service,” three words on the bottom of most pages on the Internet that are constantly ignored.  These terms are rarely fully read and yet companies can use these agreements as legally binding contracts.  In general, Terms of [...]

Head Into the Cloud

On July 6, 2011, Amazon released its Cloud Player, one of many new “cloud computing” products, in which data and products are accessed from a distant physical location over the Internet, changing the way students find their entertainment [...]

Deck the Halls With New Technology

Dear Santa Claus, While I know it is a bit early to be sending you letters for Christmas presents, I wanted to save you the most cash possible. As you are a knowledgeable man, no doubt you know about Cyber Monday, the Internet’s version of [...]
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