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Snark Attack: Dress Code Enforcement

By Phoenix Flyer

The dress code was instituted to “promote a professional culture at RAHS,” but the enforcement has become so unpredictable it might be safer to just wear no clothes at all.  I have seen students dress-coded by certain teachers when they don’t have the top button of their shirt clasped, but other kids who dress like they are headed to spring break in Cabo (or the strip club) are left completely alone by teachers.  Although your best friend may look “adorbs” in that crop top and booty shorts, and maybe even be able to get away with it, it makes the student who gets called on for not wearing khakis feel a wee bit jelly. By the way, more power to you if you are a high school boy that can pull off a crop top. I wish I could be that sexy.  By not enforcing the dress code, teachers are lulling students into a false sense of security. Let’s say someone wants to catch a few extra Z’s in Spanish by wearing something more comfortable, such as sweats, and doesn’t get caught for it. They think that they can do it again and again, without getting caught. This sets an example for their classmates, who think they can also not get caught. This finally draws attention from the teacher when half their class is wearing sweatpants, and they all get busted. Thus, it is the tragedy of the commons.  Sorry to get all intellectual, but this thing must be analyzed critically. There must be a scientific reason that Drippy Joe Johosophet can wear his sexy cat outfit and I end up spending an hour in the office calling my parents to ask for new clothes when I don’t wear a school approved t-shirt on a Friday.  It seems like some teachers prefer to have a biased opinion on what rules they uphold. Shopping preference? Maybe Forever 21 is paying our teachers to not enforce their brand of jeggings. If we were honest with ourselves, the dress code only presents another set of rules to be broken, not a “professional environment.” It creates Professional Dress Code Breakers, or the PDCB coalition.  Some of these highly skilled operatives are subtle about their sabotage, sneaking in a graphic tee or a sweatshirt once a week. Others take a more direct approach, blatantly breaking the dress code by selectively targeting rules each day. One day it may be the fingertip rule, next the collar rule, and then the cleavage rule.  Regardless of which teachers choose to take out their anger over teaching the next leaders of world, WE NEED EQUAL ENFORCEMENT OF THE DRESS CODE. We can petition to change it all we want, or come to school completely naked to protest, but if it is not enforced equally it loses its effect. Feel free to not enforce the booty shorts rule though. I rock those pale thighs.  –The Shark

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