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Skipping senior traditions

Seniors at risk of ruining yearly rituals

By Vincent Pierce

Senior pranks and senior skip day are rituals that the graduating classes in most high schools recognize. Both of the activities are generally towards the end of the year, after all the AP testing and major assignments are done in senior classes.

The senior prank is usually representative of the entire class and could range from something completely harmless, such as putting your school building on Craigslist, or an actual annoyance, such as hiring a Mariachi band to follow your principal around all day.

There’s no such thing as a checklist for a senior prank; however, a good senior prank has elements of creativity, originality, and shock value. They tend to be clean pranks, though not always appropriate, and no one gets hurt by their effects. Also, because students are the ones who have to clean up the prank, it’s usually not too messy.

However, senior skip day does have rules that need to be met in order for it to be “successful.” As evident by the name, it’s a day where the seniors skip an entire day of school. For a senior skip day to be considered successful, an overwhelming majority of seniors need to miss school on a set day. If the staff knows about it ahead of time, or most of the senior class goes to school, it’s not successful.

Seniors at RAHS leave behind amazing legacies (usually), but one thing has been lackluster for all six graduating classes: they don’t ever have amazing pranks or successful skip days.

Faculty at RAHS are actually disappointed with the poor quality of pranks and skip days that have been executed within the last six classes, and they have the right to be. Senior pranks executed by the senior class have, well, just been lame. Last year, the seniors tried to occupy the hallways by lying on the floor, only to chicken out before it made an impressive lasting impression (not that it would have).

Chances are RAHS will have to wait until next year before they see a decent senior prank. The class of 2015 has even said it themselves–no one cares enough to do anything. They would rather stay home and play videogames or suck up to teachers than plan out a decent prank and skip day. And while there might be a sense of family within the class, they also would never be able to come together as a single being and complete a goal. In fact, there is a very real possibility that RAHS doesn’t get pranked this year.

Although senior projects are now a thing of the past, the seniors only have just over a month to pull through on a prank. For most people, that’s more than enough time to pull together something pretty cool.

However, being the bums that they are, they’ll more than likely go down their usual route of how they complete tasks. Wait until the very last possible moment, and then conjure up an idea, which would be good if they had actually planned it ahead of time. They would then proceed to haphazardly execute their uncoordinated plan, plop it in the school, and call it “good enough.” Any level of success that they do manage to pull off could be attributed to a fluke.
It’s up in the air about what will come of the senior prank and skip day from this year’s graduating class. If they decide to do it, even the quality of their efforts may not be worthwhile.

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