05262020 Headline:

Seniors have pulled it off

In previous years, seniors have done skip days and pranks, but never before have they been as good as this year. For the skip day, teacher Scott McComb and senior Carlos Navarro originated the idea to volunteer and help others by having the [...]

Dr. PAXlove

It all starts after the last year’s PAX Prime ends. You think “Wow, that was pretty fun, I should do it again next year,” and then you go on for the rest of the year, probably not thinking about PAX until sometime around Spring Break. [...]

Skipping senior traditions

Senior pranks and senior skip day are rituals that the graduating classes in most high schools recognize. Both of the activities are generally towards the end of the year, after all the AP testing and major assignments are done in senior classes. The [...]

An open letter to RAHS students, from your cars

Dear RAHS Students, Thanks bruh. We’ve had some real good times in our days. I remember the day your parents and you strolled onto the lot of used cars back when you turned sixteen. You were so young then. Your pubescent scar-covered face [...]

Senior Projects: District Must Vote Pro Choice

On October 22, the Highline School District made the decision not to remove the culminating project as a graduation requirement for the 2014-2015 year, and has postponed making a decision that will affect upcoming years. The District decided [...]

Schools refuse to offer substantial education of politics

In a world where politics are essential, teenagers are not receiving the amount of education they need in order to make an informed decision when voting.   Washington State currently requires that high school students take three years [...]

Ground Control – Volume #5 Issue #6

Dear Ground Control, With the school’s new selfie requirement, I’ve figured out how bad I am at taking them. Do you have any tips on how to take the best selfies? Sincerely, Snapchat Serious Dear Snapchat Serious, Before we decide how to [...]

Ground Control – Volume #5 Issue #5

Why do girls try so hard to look good and get it with guys? Come on us guys are focused on school not girls. Jeez. Sincerely, Tauheed Epps Deer Tauheed Epps, Think about this. Is the girl dressing up for you…or herself? Why do you assume [...]

Ground Control – Volume #5 Issue #4

I think I have a serious problem with reddit. I can’t seem to stop. The only thing that gets me off of it is Game of Thrones, and I am not sure if that is an improvement. I don’t really like interacting with people, unless I am talking [...]

Ground Control – Volume #5 Issue #3

Here at Ground Control we’ve been getting a lot of questions about TOLO! Everything ranging from whether or not to ask, getting over your fear of asking, or just ways to ask. Since all of the questions were so similar, we thought it be best [...]

Ground Control – Volume #5 Issue #2

JUST CANNOT TELL WHICH GIRLS DON’T LIKE ME AND WHICH ONES ARE TRYING TO HOLLA. What should I do???? (AKA: How can I tell if my crush is into me or not. From a male point of view) – Mr. Enough to Go Around Dear Mr. Enough to Go Around, You’re [...]