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Pilot Jones

  My grades are going down. I’m trying to study every night, but I cannot seem to get motivated. Help. ~Help With Homework The end of a long year full of tests you didn’t know about, projects where Wikipedia helped more than the [...]

Lack of Senior power

As the countdown begins, the Class of 2013 anxiously awaits the day that the black cap and gown is worn and the diplomas are in hand.It is the moment they have waited for all their high school lives and a chance to open the doors of opportunity [...]

Dating/Valentines Day advice

Dear Pilot Jones, I’ve liked this guy for a very long time, in fact I think I have a case of love at first sight. I remember all the times in Ms. Cook’s class we would always do our vocabulary, even though it was mostly him copying my paper. [...]

What To Do With Nothing

When students finish work early and need something to fill their time what should they do? There are many options for students who need to fill their time, some fun and some more serious. After a test some students don’t know what they should [...]

Redefining the Box

Even if you aren’t keen on Aviation High School’s constant theme of aviation, either find a way to like it, or find a way to live with it, because AHS has never claimed to be anything other than a STEM school that is all about aviation. It’s [...]

Spring Into Action

Longer days, more sunlight, and the home stretch of the school year almost upon us – what better time than now to wrap up the loose ends of your community service hours… And do a little good while you’re at it? This issue, the [...]

Leading the World Today

While Martin Luther King Jr. is unarguably remembered as one of the most influential leaders in American history, he’s not the only person to make waves, and today there are plenty of activists like him who deserve the same recognition. This [...]

Stand Up

AHS needs more student voice and advocacy – the ASB can and should take on some of this important work, but the rest is up to you. Currently, AHS’s student government focuses primarily on social events. The ASB only serves in a social [...]

Running your Phoenix Five (K)

This issue, the Phoenix Five challenges you to complete the Seattle 12K’s of Christmas (and 5K Run/Walk) Holiday Run. The run starts at Kirkland’s Marina Park, on Sunday, December 18, 2011. This run benefits foster children,  most of whom [...]

Phoenix Five Special Alert – Buy Links!

Aviation High School’s National Honor Society is running a fundraiser right now that is the perfect opportunity for you to fly your Phoenix Five – it’s time to step up! The NHS is selling paper chain links every day at lunch to raise [...]

Can’t Complain

You hear it all the time, angry grumbles from students about problems this school has, but when will the grumbles finally end? It’s about time that students faced the facts and stopped complaining about things that they have no right to be [...]
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