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Ground Control – Volume #5 Issue #5

By Ground Control

Why do girls try so hard to look good and get it with guys? Come on us guys are focused on school not girls. Jeez.


Tauheed Epps

Deer Tauheed Epps,

Think about this. Is the girl dressing up for you…or herself? Why do you assume that she’s trying to impress you? You best believe that she don’t give a dog’s booty about you. Let’s be honest for a second, girls like clothes. Girls like makeup. Granted not all girls are interested in these things, but a lot are. Clothes shopping and makeup status has become a dangerous game among ladies. Girls try hard to impress other girls and themselves, neither of which are you. Next time you see a girl you think tries too hard, think to yourself “You do you, booboo.”

Now think again, is she really trying to get with guys? I’m sure you have a great personality and fabu face to go with it. But you can’t assume that girls aren’t here to be focused on school because THEY ARE. They were accepted here under the same standards as you, Mr. Epps. So “jeez” to that. Plus, this is RAHS, the girls don’t need to try hard. The girls have options, the boys don’t.

Granted there are some girls who just try way too hard, doing things to impress others. These girls aren’t confident enough in themselves, and seek it in other people. Why would you want to like a girl who doesn’t even like herself?

Also, how do you know guys aren’t focused on girls? Fresh out of puberty (some have yet to finish this stage) and raging with hormones, there’s a good chance that girls will be a focus at least A MILLION times throughout your high school career. Don’t add all the boys into your claim, because WE ALL know that it isn’t true.

On a nicer note, maybe she is trying to impress someone, and maybe it’s you. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Love is crazy, and embrace the fact that you’ve caught someone’s eye.

With much love,

Ground Control


What little things can I do to help someone?


Need for Deeds

Dear Need for Deeds,

One of the most important things you can do is make someone feel special. As humans, one of our greatest weaknesses is being ignored. It’s natural for us to want attention, we crave the spotlight. Acknowledge someone, compliment their clothes, even a simple smile might be enough to turn someone’s day from terrible to awesome. If you really wanted, you could go and throw them a surprise party, or sing them a song about how much they mean to you. Here’s a simple poem that you can input with the appropriate words:

(Insert name here), you are a great friend of mine

Look at yo’ face, you be so fine

You got some much talent

It’s almost unfair, there’s no balance

I wish I were as good at (Insert talent here) as you are

Then maybe, life would be fair

(Insert name here), you light up my world

I like you as much as ice cream when it’s swirled

Maybe you can use this to brighten someone’s day, or maybe you can come up with your own. Contemplate on how much effort it takes to give someone a quick smile. Those are just the major-minor things someone could do.

Helping others goes beyond the campus as well. Volunteering at local community resources such as soup kitchens or animal shelters helps more people than you might be aware of. There many opportunities offered in the Career Center, or ask to help out in the fundraisers/drives that we have here at school! You’ll be helping people you don’t even know.

And don’t forget to help yourself as well! Give yourself a hall pass and forget about doing homework for a day, or maybe buy yourself a gift. You deserve it, never forget that you get to be treated every once in a while. There is a difference between being selfish and giving yourself a pat on the back when you deserve it, but every once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to help yourself.


Ground Control

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