Youth and Government hard at work editing bills.
Photo By: Mackenzie Firestone

The RAHS Youth and Government team is preparing to compete in Olympia, Washington for the Youth and Government Conference.

Henry Crockett is the President of the RAHS Youth and Government team.

“We are set to be headed to Olympia to take part in our first competition that will require us to stay the night there,” said Crockett.

Youth and Government is a national program that involves thousands of teens nationwide competing in state-organized, model-government programs. Started by the YMCA, the program allows for students to immerse themselves in civic engagement and practice democracy.

“It began in here at our school in 2016, but came to be more serious through the current year 2017,” said Crockett.

Students at the Conference will discuss and debate issues that affect Washingtonians through the processes of proposing legislation, participating in mock trials, or using journalistic reporting.

“I will be debating the benefits of Planned Parenthood this year over in Olympia,” said Crockett.

Senior Helena Cassam is a member of the RAHS Youth and Government team.

“I believe this club holds many chances of becoming great,” said Cassam, “the leadership that is in place is great too.”

Helena Cassum believes that a sense of responsibility being in the club has helped to grow her leadership skills.

“I decided to join the class because I wanted to partake in a club that would explore local issues within our community and have the chance to debate on my idea,” said Cassam.

There are several categories within Youth and Government , such as Youth Legislature, Mock Ledge, and other national programs. In Youth Legislature, students are able to practice moving through the legislative process, developing confidence, refining skills in writing, practicing research and public speaking, and attaining a better understand of the power of citizens in a democratic society.