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Speech and Debate unveils Snack Shack

Get candy, chips, drinks and more after school

By Grinny Sunde

Sophomore David Nguyen treats himself to something sugary and sweet that he couldn't find in the vending machine.

Sophomore David Nguyen treats himself to something sugary and sweet that he couldn’t find in the vending machine.

Need a junk food fix after school? From the back door of the Chemistry room, the RAHS Speech and Debate team is running the Snack Shack from 4pm to 5pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays throughout February.


Just in time for the Valentine’s season sweet tooth, you can buy food and drinks such as Arizona Tea, Mexican Coke, candy, chocolate, and cookies all for around one dollar. Also available are chips, Cup Noodles, and Starbucks frappucino bottles. Due to the high cost of the Speech and Debate team’s endeavours, President Jacob Simmons is hopeful that the money gained can be used in multiple ways.


“The money that we generate from the Snack Shack is going not only towards tournament fees and the cost that it takes to be able to compete at some far away places,” said Simmons, “But also will fund out of state trips such as nationals and Harvard this year.”


Although it may appear to be a simple fundraiser, Speech and Debate coach Garrett Shiroma asserts that it is not the case.


“It required kind of a lot of planning,” said Shiroma. “We had to get a pass from ASB. We also had to get a pass from the district and then we had to get everything organized. Then, we had to make spreadsheets to keep track of what we sold and how much we would charge for everything.”


Sophomore member of Speech and Debate, Hong Ta, says the planning required a full team effort.


“The exec team works together to run a pretty fun snack shack,” said Ta. “We take turns every day selling food out of the back of Shiroma’s room. It’s really the dream. It’s not sketchy at all.”


Taking advantage of the jokes to be made about selling food out of a back alley-like setting, Simmons said with a laugh, “We’re selling Coke out of the back of a lab.”


Also part of planning were the posters advertising the Snack Shack around the school. These tell everyone to “Treat Yo Self” and feature Shaquille O’Neal urging everyone stop buy  “ShAQroma’s Snaq Shaq.”


Despite the highly popular vending machines being on the other end of the hallway, that doesn’t seem to put up competition.


“We don’t have the same sugar and dietary restrictions the vending machines have,” said Shiroma.


Sophomore Chelsea Ho, a Robotic Team member says, “The Snack Shack seems a lot better to hungry and tired teenagers who want something that’s a little more fulfilling than oven-baked original Lays and that will give them a little more energy and motivation to push through their homework.”


Even though the Snack Shack is open after school, that doesn’t damage the amount of customers they have.


“Shout out to Robotics; they are a big majority [of our customers] because they stay after school every day for build season,” said Ta. “And Satellite Team [as well] on Tuesdays, and just people in general who stay after school whether their ride is late or they’re here for a fun time.”


If the Snack Shack continues to be successful, the Speech and Debate team might consider running it past February and adding even more treats such as Takis.
“Stop on buy,” said Ta. “Support the Snack Shack.”

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