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Seniors try not to fall to senioritis

Updates released for the class of 2017

By Payton Madson

ASB has been holding a slough of different focus groups for the senior class as each decision made for the class of 2017 must go through several different levels of approval. Recent changes have been made with regard to senior graduation plans and gifts.


Since the district didn’t allow the seniors to plant shrubs around the driveway as their gift, as they could tear up the drive and would require extra maintenance, they are now planning to decorate the fence. The plan is to use cups to spell out “Phoenix Pride” or “The Sky is Not the Limit.”


ASB is considering coordinating volunteers from the class of 2017 to put the cups in the fence.


“The thing is that putting them in, between all of us, wouldn’t take that long,” said Nicole Diaz, “because you’re just snapping them in. It would just be hard if it’s cold outside.”


Along with other updates, the design for the senior shirts has been decided, but the class of 2017 is on their own for the purchases.


“The current plan for shirts is that seniors buy them on their own. We can not use our ASB funds to purchase shirts,” said Singh. “It is easier for everyone if there is a coordinated effort outside of ASB jurisdiction.”


Another concern of the senior class was getting a ride home from the grad party at 5 a.m. The class of 2017 is receiving a code from PTSA for a free Uber ride home. Also, as a friendly reminder, Grad Night tickets are available before June 1 or the price goes up from $100 to $185.


“PTSA was also gracious enough to provide an Uber promo code for a free first ride, so you can use it if you don’t have a ride afterwards,” said senior Ashley Balbuena, ASB President. “The code will be sent to you once you submit your money and application.”


The elected student-speakers for graduation are Isha Singh and Vee Glessner, and the staff speaker is RAHS humanities teacher Mary Ciccone-Cook.


“I am actually terrified of speaking into microphones, which is probably a surprise to everyone that knows how much I like to talk,” said Glessner. “Giving a speech at commencement is like my last learning experience at RAHS, as if I needed more to do before the end of the year.”


The moment the students were chosen to speak at graduation, they started receiving unwarranted advice.


“Isha is awesome in every way, and I’m so excited to speak with her. We just found out in mid-April that we were chosen, so we’re just starting to work on what we’re going to say,” said Glessner. “I’ve only known for a couple days and I’ve already received about a billion pieces of advice that I immediately filed in my mental trash bin.”


As for other end-of-year events, Prom tickets are going on sale at the beginning of May during lunch. Since the seniors aren’t going on a retreat, the prom tickets are cheaper than the normal $50.


“Prom tickets will go on sale during lunch,” said Singh. “Tickets are $35 each. We will be selling every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Starting May, though, we will sell everyday.”


Also, remember to request songs for Prom at https://tinyurl.com/promsongrequest.

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