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RAHS visits Highline District middle schools

Visits from RAHS students intended to diversify community

By Charles Self


Middle schools from the Highline School District have become feeding schools for Raisbeck Aviation High School through the efforts of teachers, students, and administrative staff.


The Recruitment Committee at Raisbeck Aviation High School has been trying to reach out to middle schools and let students know RAHS is an option for them. Michael Gudor, a member of the committee and RAHS math teacher, believes in the mission of the new committee.


“We decided to form a separate committee to focus our attention on getting RAHS’ demographics to more closely mirror our region,” said Gudor.


Students such as  freshman Danny Chung visited RAHS as an eighth grader from Sylvester. Chung especially understands what these inside perspectives can do for the prospective freshman.


“When visiting the school [Raisbeck Aviation High School],” said Chung, “I took the opportunity to visit as many classes and meet as many teachers as I can to learn what the school had to offer.”


Chung feels that visiting RAHS is an important part of deciding if the community is the best fit for a potential student.


“I feel like visiting the RAHS will expose you to the community the school has,” said Chung, “and to whom the people are that you will be spending four years with.”


Freshman Bernie Jones, like others that were recruited to RAHS, visited Chinook Middle School to tell students about his experience.


“I went back to my middle school and answered their questions as well as kind of showed them what your typical RAHS student looks like,” said Jones. “I give them the chance to meet people and get first-person opinions and info.”


Jones feels accomplished helping out his old school and community, and is looking forward to many more years at Raisbeck Aviation High School. Being able to go back and experience his old school and his new one all tied together was a special treat.


“It’s very fun to be able to go back and help kids get more info because just a bit ago you were in their shoes,” said Jones, “and it’s a fun experience.”


Chung believes that the visits from RAHS students and staff are well worth it because they allow a diverse group of students to learn more about the school.


“I feel like there being more diversity in the school [Raisbeck Aviation High School] would be amazing,” said Chung, “showing that the tone of your skin does not affect who you desire to become in the future.”


Tremain Holloway, RAHS Vice Principal is looking forward to the diversity and drive of next year’s freshmen.


“I am looking forward to seeing a well diverse enrollment for the class [of] 2021,” said Holloway. “Also, and more importantly, I am hoping that class of 2021 is fully dedicated to learning more about the aviation and aeronautical field industry.”
Introducing diversity to Raisbeck Aviation High School has been in the works for some time now and is underway. Starting with the class of 2020 and onward, the lottery system alongside recruitment trips to middle schools will most likely make RAHS more diverse in years to come.

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