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RAHS receives For Future Generations

Dr. Raisbeck donates books to each student and staff member

By Harrison Korin

Mrs. Tipton looks forward to sharing these new books with the students and staff here at RAHS.

Mrs. Tipton looks forward to sharing these new books with the students and staff here at RAHS.

Dr. James Raisbeck, who has been supporting Raisbeck Aviation High School for many years, is again showing his support by donating Howard Lovering’s book For Future Generations to every student and staff member at RAHS.


Dr. Raisbeck donated the set of books to better educate students on the history of the Museum of Flight.

“The book For Future Generations is a definitive work on the history of the museum, along with the participants who made it possible and the history of their airplanes,” said Dr. Raisbeck. “Giving a copy to every student is a wonderful and enjoyable way to educate our students on the museum’s particulars.”   

He also spoke on his connection to the author of the book, Howard Lovering.

“Howard Lovering was the museum’s first hands-on CEO and Executive Director during its building phase,” said Dr. Raisbeck. “He was the driving force that gathered the backers, the various governments and Boeing and filled them with the necessary energy to make the museum a reality.”

From the books he hopes that students will learn to appreciate all the Museum of Flight has done, not only for RAHS, but for the aviation community itself.

“Virtually every RAHS student should appreciate how much the Museum of Flight has contributed to the very foundation and building itself,” said Dr. Raisbeck. “So, naturally, a greater appreciation of what’s right outside the RAHS windows seems appropriate.”

Dr. Raisbeck also paid out-of-pocket for the books himself.

“The price for these books is $50. I got a discount,” said Dr. Raisbeck.

The progress and direction that RAHS is heading has impressed Dr. Raisbeck, especially with its status as the number one high school in the state.

“The RAHS/MOF partnership is an amazing thing to watch grow; this is especially pleasing when one considers the high school is a public school in the Highline School District,” said Dr. Raisbeck.

RAHS Principal Therese Tipton is also very excited for the book donations from Dr. Raisbeck and what they mean for the future.

“This is just one more example that we aren’t like other schools,” said Tipton, “and [these books mean] to me that we don’t forget that the foundation of the pacific northwest and the museum is aviation and the impact it has on the community, on the economy, and the students moving forward.”

Tipton was also appreciative and impressed with Dr. Raisbeck and his overall dedication to the school and its future.

“If you look on the inside of the book, it shows that he dedicated these books to you, to our community,” said Tipton.

Tipton also set aside a date for an assembly which includes the school’s founding principal and CEO, Reba Gilman, to celebrate Dr. Raisbeck’s generous donation.

“We have arranged an assembly May 11th. Dr. Raisbeck will be here to speak and he will also be bringing Howard Lovering, Mrs. Gilman, and [many other important people],” said Tipton.

Thanks to Dr. Raisbeck and the Museum of Flight, RAHS has seen a lot of growth in the past decade; and the support of both benefactors has contributed to the school’s status as the number one high school in Washington. Raisbeck’s most recent donation is a testament to his connection to the school and the community looks forward to honoring it.


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