02252018 Headline:

Flu epidemic worst in years

Flu season is a dreaded time every year around the winter holidays, and it has come on particularly strong this year. Specifically, this season the flu has peaked earlier and led to far more deaths than normal, a result of the H1N1 Swine Flu [...]

2017 Auction Preparations Underway

Following the success of the 2016 auction, the 2017 RAHS auction team is currently garnering support for introductory meetings. These meetings started on 19 Jan., when the 2017 Auction Logo was revealed, and will continue until this year’s [...]

MLK Assembly makes waves

Senior Champagne Ryder performed his spoken word poem “Call to Action” at RAHS’ Martin Luther King Jr. Day Assembly, which has since caused a stir in the student body. Ryder intended to help people see issues of inequality and injustice [...]

RAHS visits Highline District middle schools

Middle schools from the Highline School District have become feeding schools for Raisbeck Aviation High School through the efforts of teachers, students, and administrative staff.   The Recruitment Committee at Raisbeck Aviation High [...]

RAHS staff bust common rumors about applications

Released on 3 Jan. 2017 and due on 31 Jan., the new Raisbeck Aviation High School application for the incoming class of 2021 is sparking a lot of excitement and buzz around the school. From info nights to tours and conferences, many questions [...]

RAHS gets new Youth and Government delegation

The returning Youth and Government delegation kicked off Wednesday 7 Dec., where students are taking a more involved role in politics and letting their voices be heard while learning about the local government and writing bills.   RAHS [...]

Oh Gift Tree, oh Gift Tree, how lovely are thy donations

This holiday season, the RAHS ASB sponsored a family in need. Paper trees were posted on the second and third floor balconies with paper ornaments, each with a gift assigned to them, so students could get into the gift-giving spirit.   Freshman [...]

Flight by Design team prepares for liftoff in early 2017

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Students anticipate the new Aviation Theatre

Following up on students wanting more art credit classes to bypass the art contract, this year, the RAHS community has been presented with a new class called Aviation Theatre as an alternative to obtaining one’s art credit.   The class [...]

RAHS Ultimate Frisbee breaks the losing streak

The last couple of years the Raisbeck Aviation High School Ultimate Frisbee team has not made a big splash in the frisbee scene. In the 2015-16 season, the boy’s team for RAHS Ultimate Frisbee lost each game, but this year Turbulence has [...]

New Aeronautical Science Pathway appears on student’s radars

Following the start of the 2016-2017 school year, the Aeronautical Science Pathway program entices not only RAHS students, but students from other districts as well, to the Museum of Flight after school from 3:45 to 6 pm.   This after [...]
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