Due to policy changes from last year’s over-budget printing fees, many students have found themselves out of printing credit. Beginning partly through the year, students started to run out of pages and had to print from home or another student’s’ account.   Sophomore Matthew Morin prints daily for classes like Sophomore Language Arts, Contemporary Global Issues, or Biology and has run into a lot of problems printing homework for classes due to his lack of printing money.   “I have to admit, not having prints right now has been super inconvenient,” said Morin. “I’ve been late turning things in, or have gotten late grades for them. I’ve gotten used to using friends or other people’s ID’s.”   Junior Brynne Hunt[…]

With the summer of 2017 coming, it’s important for RAHS students to pick out new tech products to maximize their summer experiences.   Jeff Spaeth, an RAHS junior, has thought of ideas for everything from reasonable and functional tech to more extravagant and extreme purchases.   “My ultimate piece of summer tech would have to be the Kitty Hawk Flyer,” said Spaeth. “It’s an all-electric, ultralight personal aircraft, and it doesn’t even take a license to operate.”   The Kitty Hawk Flyer could also foreshadow a time in the near future of passenger drones, autonomous flight, and more.   “It’s not a flying car or anything, it’s a recreational vehicle for fresh water. Think of a jet-ski that flies,” said[…]

For their final project in AP Physics 2, RAHS upperclassmen have been tasked with an open-ended assignment to create a helpful project, whether it be for their own benefit or for the benefit of future students.   Seniors Kaeden Wile and Matt Vredevoogd have created a simulator that will help students in the coming years in one of the key focus areas of the class.   “Kaeden and I are making a thermodynamics simulator for students,” said Vredevoogd. “Thermodynamics is the study of thermal energy, and it’s one of the first units in AP Physics 2.”   They created an interface that will allow students to experiment with thermodynamics and the components of the ideal gas law.   “Essentially we[…]

April 2017 was an important month for the Raisbeck Aviation High School Skunkworks Robotics team. After their unprecedented challenges they faced performing at districts, but hoped to make a comeback at the FIRST World Championship, a four-day robotics championship held annually in April in Houston.   Senior Xhelan Sylve, a long time Skunk, felt some nerves before the World Championships knowing the difficulties they have faced in preparation for big competitions.   “In the past we have been very successful, but this year we have had trouble because we have lost some key design and build mentors and that’s been a struggle, but going into worlds we are hoping to win in our field and go into Einstein,” said Sylve.[…]

Kevin Wingrove, an RAHS parent and safety engineer for the Bertha tunneling project located in Seattle, has donated parts from Bertha to the RAHS community to keep and honor.   Bertha, a tunnel boring machine designed and manufactured by Hitachi Zosen Sakai Works, has the title the world’s largest earth-pressure-balance tunnel-boring machine.   “It is fifty seven and a half [feet] in diameter, it was the world’s largest tunnel,” said Wingrove. “It was beat out by a one in Hong Kong that about six inches taller.”   “My day would consist of walking the job site, take measurements for error and atmospheric [data], [checking] for carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, monoaldehyde, [and] air speed, and [doing] paperwork,” said Wingrove. “My[…]

On 18 Apr. 2017, some bilingual RAHS students took the World Language Proficiency Exam, which can have students earn up to four language credits or a Seal of Biliteracy.   The first formal meeting took place on 11 Apr. in the PLC where students who were interested could register and be briefed on what the test includes. The first time a student takes the test, it’s free. RAHS Principal Therese Tipton thinks the test will help push the district towards its goals.   “One of the district’s goals is that by 2026 students who graduate are biliterate or bilingual,” said Tipton. “Right now, we have students taking a proficiency exam so they can get four credits and get a biliteracy[…]

On 13 Apr. 2017, senior projects came to a close after presentations at the senior showcase. From creating an app to photography projects, the class of 2017 showed off their creativity. Humanities teacher Marcie Wombold is working closely with seniors in their efforts.   “We’ve had anything from, this year, Kaeden [Wile] designed an app for the whole school,” said Wombold. “The Satellite Team, the Quidditch Team, they started from senior projects. There’s photography projects, engineering projects—every possible description.”   Students can select a wide variety of project types and can work on something they’re passionate about.   “The senior projects are independent research or solution-based projects which students design for themselves and accomplish from the end of their junior[…]

RAHS chemistry and art teacher, Speech and Debate coach, and Prom advisor Garrett Shiroma is leaving RAHS to move back to Oahu, Hawaii where he was raised.   Although the 2016-2017 school year is his last, Shiroma’s plan to move back has been in the works for some time.   “I’ve been planning to move for a while, so it just is kind of like an appropriate time,” said Shiroma. “I’ve actually been teaching here for ten years, so it seemed like a nice right round number to end that, but I’ve been talking about it with my wife for about five years now, so we just finally decided to do it.”   One of the many things Shiroma plans[…]

On 24 May, students at RAHS will participate in the first spelling bee hosted by the school. Currently, preliminary rounds are being held weekly on Mondays for underclassmen and Thursdays for upperclassmen.   The spelling bee is organized by senior and ASB Vice-President Yasin Ali-Halane and will be held in the same format as the Scripps National Spelling Bee.   “You have contestants and they walk up to a microphone. There is a panel of judges and they give them a word and from that word the contestant can ask for definition, language of origin, use in a sentence, whatever,” said Ali-Halane. “That student is expected to spell the word, if they spell it correctly continue on, if they get[…]

Dr. James Raisbeck, who has been supporting Raisbeck Aviation High School for many years, is again showing his support by donating Howard Lovering’s book For Future Generations to every student and staff member at RAHS.   Dr. Raisbeck donated the set of books to better educate students on the history of the Museum of Flight. “The book For Future Generations is a definitive work on the history of the museum, along with the participants who made it possible and the history of their airplanes,” said Dr. Raisbeck. “Giving a copy to every student is a wonderful and enjoyable way to educate our students on the museum’s particulars.”    He also spoke on his connection to the author of the book,[…]

A new CAD (Computer-Assisted Design) course is coming Fall of 2017 and will be teaching students how to use some of the resources RAHS has to offer such as the 3D printer in addition to digital design. The teacher has not yet been confirmed, but the most likely candidate is Michael Gudor, who currently teaches geometry, aviation engineering, and statistics.   The class will teach students more than just how to use Inventor, the CAD program. The students will learn to create things in Inventor and bring them into the real world using the 3D printer, laser cutter, and other tools at RAHS, a prospect that excites Gudor.   “I can make something that I’m creating right away, and I[…]