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End of year brings traditional pancake breakfast celebration

The end of the school year is drawing near, and with it the famed pancake breakfast approaches. Many RAHS students and staff are excited for the return of this revered traditional event on 16 June 2016. The breakfast is an opportunity for staff [...]

Washington Aerospace Scholars raises the bar for students

The Washington Aerospace Scholars program, which is offered by the Museum of Flight, has helped to bring together bright minds, and give them opportunities to meet with mentors, learn new topics, and make connections that will help to guide [...]

Class senators strive for more unified school

As the 2015-2016 school year ends, next year’s class captains are already planning how they will improve our classes. Heidi Yagen, the sophomore senator of 2016-2017 is planning on organizing activities to connect the school. “I think [...]

Mrs. Branch leaves in pursuit of bluer skies

Holly Branch is leaving Raisbeck Aviation High School to pursue a renewed interest in an aviation career. Mr. Kelly is sad to see her go, but excited for her future. “Mrs. Branch formally submitted her resignation and she has real passion [...]

Spanish overload!

Every year there are many more students who want to take AP Spanish than the class has room for. This year is no different, with over 40 applicants and only 32 spaces that are legally available. William Peterson, the only AP Spanish instructor [...]

Students score exciting internships

This coming summer, RAHS students will partake in some of the best internships yet, setting the bar higher than ever before. Henry Meyerson, an RAHS sophomore, will be an intern at NASA. He’ll be spending two weeks working with SEES in Seattle, [...]

ASB upset over yearbook absence

In RAHS’s annual, released Friday 3 June 2016, ASB was shocked to find that their usual page in the yearbook was not there. 2016 alumni and former ASB Vice President Karl Nielsen was very vocal about the issue. “Those [on ASB] who I did [...]

Satellite Club rockets by

With accomplishments, logistics, and plans behind them, Satellite Team is moving quickly towards their CubeSat launch, and they will soon be starting a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for their journey into space in 2017. This is a method [...]

New transgender bathroom rules greeted with yawn

  Though transgender bathroom legislation has recently hit the spotlight, Highline School District was ahead of the game, adopting Procedure 3211 back in 2014. “Students will be allowed to use the restroom that corresponds to the gender [...]

Chemistry student teacher John Doty says goodbye

Although he would love to teach at RAHS, Chemistry student teacher John Doty has completed his time student teaching as of 16 June 2016 and will be leaving to pursue his teaching career. Once a student at RAHS, Doty is hoping to get a job as [...]

How RAHS found its new principal

RAHS students were shocked after Mr. Kelly announced his resignation at the end of this school year and were left wondering who would be taking on this challenging position come next fall. Since then, the district has created a board made [...]
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