After a voting season focusing on many complex and significant issues like I-1125 and I-1183, the results are in, and it is time to learn what issues passed or failed, and how these results will affect the students at AHS. Initiative 1125 was a proposed initiative regarding the spending of money collected through car tabs and tolls. Intitiative 1183 was an initiative that proposed privatizing liquor sales in Washington State. Although the recent election was not as significant as say, a presidential election, several issues that effect the state greatly were put on the ballot. These issues included Initiative 1125, and Initiative 1183. I-1125 was a significant issue in the recent election. This initiative was put forward by Tim Eyman, a[…]

There are only two female students in a freshmen Algebra class, in a junior Spanish class there are only six students in all, and in fifth period Aviation and American Character there aren’t even enough seats to go around. At Aviation High School the master schedule has been built the same way every year, however, the students have become confused as Aviation has changed the way it creates its master schedule and assigns each student to their classes. As the mix of class sizes causes distress for students, most complaints involve the number of students in each classroom, but students underestimate how difficult scheduling is. The job of doing the master scheduling, putting individual students in each class, and most importantly making[…]

It has been four years now since the Aviator’s Ball started, and it has been getting better every year. The Associated Student Body (ASB) started planning this year’s Aviator’s Ball before school even started, back in late August. The ASB puts a lot of effort and money into the dance, because it is the kickoff dance event of the year. “We spend a little bit more money on decorations than the other dances,” explained ASB advisor Sarah Fitzpatrick, “we tend to buy more things than making them to give the dance more of a formal feel.” ASB worked together to figure what would get the most students to come to the dance. The main idea was that they wanted students[…]

The doors of the hallway opened, letting the cold air into the already cold hallway of a run down school building and in walked a man with a badge. It was the new school assistant administrator and leader of STEM Leadership, Bruce Kelly. Attracted to Aviation because of its status as a lighthouse school and a project based school, Kelly is very excited to be the new administrator at Aviation High School. “I knew I was really deeply connected to the theory of action around student learning here,” explained Kelly, “I am a math and science person, I taught math and science for 21 years. I was a project based teacher. I was actually missing students.” Mr. Bruce Kelly has[…]

In August 23, ground broke for the new Aviation High School. This milestone event, however, is only the beginning, as new opportunities for students start to become realities. “We have been at this for eight years,” says AHS principal Reba Gilman, “trying to raise the funds from the State of Washington, from the federal government and from private sources, to build the school.” The fact that this event has finally occurred has left many of those who have been involved in the school happy and excited for the future. “My first thought was: Finally,” said former Aviation High School student Natalie Nason, “Pure and simple, this crazy thing we helped start is really a reality.” Other than giving the school an actual[…]

On October 24, 2011, a hearing was held at theMuseum of Flight by Senator Maria Cantwell, who is a member of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation committee, and the newly appointed chair of the Aviation Operations, Safety and Security Subcommittee. The hearing was held to address a range of current concerns in the aviation industry. Leading industry CEO’s and education representatives reported on progress that their companies and schools were making, in order to inform Senator Cantwell on the subject and hopefully spark major reform in the industry. Senator Cantwell plans to bring information from the hearing to the Senate, and try to convince the federal government to take a larger initiative towards reforming the industry. The Senator and[…]

Presentations, guest speakers, conserving energy, and more recycling: efforts are underway, but Aviation High School still has a long road to travel before reaching level 2 of the King County Green School Program. Waste reduction, recycling, managing hazardous materials and conserving energy are all things that AHS students and teachers are striving towards doing in this 2011-2012 school year. Doing so would earn AHS recognition throughout King County of being a level 2 green school. This program that is sponsored by King County encourages schools of all ages to become greener. AHS began participating in the green school program in June of 2009; in May of 2011, near the end of the school year, AHS was awarded a banner that[…]