Aviation High School seniors are done with their college applications and waiting to get an acceptance letter back. The more the seniors wait, the more they stress about whether they got into a college or not. When applying to Aviation High School, all students had to sign a contract stating that they would apply to at least two colleges during their time at AHS. When it is finally time to start, seniors try to choose the best colleges that they can, balancing out education and price. The application process for applying to AHS was somewhat similar to the process to applying to college. However, college applications are far more complicated. “College acceptance is definitely more stressful because I spent years[…]

During this spring break, eight to nine people from Mr. Kumakura’s Japanese class will get the opportunity to go to Japan, and experience the Japanese culture first hand. The whole Japanese class is invited to go, but Mr. Kumakura only ends up taking a select group of students. He picks the students according to how long they have been in the class. “Anyone who has been in my class for at least one year,” said Kumakura, “because I don’t advertise the trip to anyone else.” The main purpose of this trip is for education. “For the student’s sake, usually before the AP exam, they are able to visualize the Japanese way of life,” said Kumakura, “also, I usually take a tour of[…]

This January and February, ASB has planned two fundraisers, DataMatch, where students get a chance to find out who shares similar interests as well as other things like birthdays, and the flower sale. ASB is putting on these events to raise money for the school.  Also, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, which is coming up on the 14th of February, ASB wanted to plan an event where people could view their matches in different categories. “The data match is more for building school spirit and just having a fun event where everyone in the school has something fun for Valentine’s Day, because data match not only gives you your matches for the other gender that you are compatible with, but also provides[…]

The week of January 23rd is the next Spirit Week, and Aviation High School will celebrate a holiday that not everyone knows about. There has always been confusion about when Opposite Day actually takes place. The official date for Opposite Day is the twenty-fifth of January. “I did not know that Opposite Day was on that date,” said AHS freshman Jaclyn Wing, “but I do know that it is when you do most everything the opposite of what is normal.” Everyone seems to know what it is, but not when it is. Although, people do not even notice the fact that they celebrate the spirit of Opposite Day all the time. At Aviation the holiday is celebrated in a different way. The[…]

While snow starts to cover the mountains, ski and snowboard enthusiasts are getting their gear ready to head up to the mountains. Aviation High School’s Ski Club is finalizing their preparation to send students on the ski bus to Snoqualmie Pass. AHS is participating in another year of Ski Club with Mohan Ski School which started Friday January sixth and is going on every Friday for six weeks. Lift tickets are not included but students do get a discount with the ski bus. With the season off to a cold but late start, the mountain conditions aren’t looking too promising this year. Snow still has not come to the lowlands. Early last season already had snow in the low lands but the snow conditions in the mountain[…]

Sadness increases as the holiday ends.  After waiting for a year, people just want the holidays to last. The holiday season is something to look forward to every fall and winter.  Presents, food and breaks, ideally the holidays are meant allow students to sit back relax and enjoy their temporary freedom from the stresses of school.  This is not always the case when recitals and homework fill out students schedules even during the holidays.  However, despite all of this students still find time to be with family and mess with all of the fun things they get over the season. What places do you go (during the holidays) and what is good/ bad about them? “During the Holiday break my[…]

The season of giving is upon us, and what better way to do it than by participating in the National Honor Society (NHS) fundraiser that will send money to Aviation’s sister school in Uganda? The money that will be raised will be used to help build a security wall around the school, to help prevent children from being abducted and killed for their body parts. Using the security links students purchase, AHS willl build a symbolic “security wall” around our school along with supporting the construction of the real wall in Uganda. The links will be set around our school representing the solidarity and the strength the AHS community has towards this charitable task. “The more money we raise as a school,[…]

The 2011 Project for Awesome is running on December 17 and 18. Project for Awesome is an event that helps raise money for several charities by earning money from ads on videos from YouTube. This year, it will all start on the 17th of December at 12 p.m. and will continue till the next day. Millions will spam a few selected videos online, and for every view, and every comment, a few cents are donated to several charities, and with the millions of viewers that are going to participate this year, the amount of money that will be raised will add up to a significant amount. The video makers agree to donate a portion of their ad revenue to selected charities. The charities that[…]

State budget cuts caused by the United States’ failing economy are now in turn affecting Washington state, and even AHS could feel the impact when education cuts are on the table. When the next Legislature convenes, education budget cuts will be made and every public school will be affected in some way or another. “No public school will be exempt from cuts, Aviation High School included,” said Aviation High School’s Principle and CEO Ms. Reba Gilman. “Every school and school district in the State will take a proportionate reduction in funding. We could lose grant funds for operation of our robotics program, and I expect to see fewer grant opportunities overall because there won’t be a revenue source for them.” This[…]

DUIs, vehicular homicide, minors in possession, police interventions–because the access to alcohol is easy, teen drinking is an expected problem over the holidays. As the holidays approach, the likelihood of underage drinking increases. Although it is illegal for minors to be in possession of alcohol, it doesn’t stop them from getting hold of the intoxicants. Some teens get it from older siblings or friends while others can easily break into their parents’ liquor cabinets. There are also the teenagers that try to buy it themselves, and the store either fails to check their age or just lets the minor walk away with the alcohol. “I don’t think it’s appropriate,” says Aviation freshman Bridget Heiland, “it’s underage and there can be a lot of[…]

Last year King and surrounding counties had many transportation issues caused by too much snow and too little preparation. This year county officials aim to prepare better. According to the Seattle Government website, the area around Seattle normally does not get that much snow.  However, last year there was an abundance of snow, which threw off the plan of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). “In the ‘Thanksgiving storm’ last year, the snow and ice hit earlier than predicted and was about 10 degrees colder than predicted,” WSDOT communications employee, Alice Fiman, stated.  “We hope with the new coastal radar there is more information on incoming storms. But, when snow and ice hit during heavy commute hours in urban areas, it’s[…]