10152018 Headline:

The Phoenix Flyer Needs Your Help!

The Phoenix Flyer has a grant project posted on DonorsChoose.org, and we need your help! We want to add real time live-blogging to our website, and start covering important events as they happen. But we need some tools for the job – specifically [...]

Science Olympiad Makes State

AHS Science Olympians— St. Patrick’s Day Results At the Science Olympiad regional competition, AHS’s three teams distinguished themselves with their outstanding sportsmanship and their achievement.  Months of hard work and study [...]

Pageants, Dances, and… Spandex?

The ASB at Aviation High School has big plans during second semester to raise money, have fun events for students, and to show our school’s spirit. This semester, ASB has planned “several big events” for students, according to Jenny Gao, [...]

Aerotec Internship

Aerotec Internship Available Applications due ASAP for $15 an hour Position/s: Engineering Intern with AeroTEC   Intern(s) will assist staff at AeroTEC with aerospace engineering related tasks.  1-2 positions.   AeroTEC, a leading [...]

Blasting off into the Future of AHS

Since Aviation High School came into existence the school has hoped to one day have a building to call home. More than eight years later, that hope is about to turn into a reality. With this upcoming move to the campus of the Museum of Flight, [...]

New Clay Lacy Internship

Clay Lacy Aviation Summer Internship Opportunity   Founded in 1968 by a living aviation legend, Clay Lacy Aviation is one of the world’s premier aircraft charter and management companies.  Over 4 decades ago, Clay Lacy introduced the private [...]

New Raisbeck Internship

New Internship Opportunity Engineering Intern with Raisbeck Engineering The mission of Raisbeck Engineering is to design, develop and produce unique solutions through advanced technology and innovative engineering to enhance the performance [...]

Internet Goes Dark

Concern over the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) has spread across the country and made its way to Aviation High School. SOPA and PIPA are acts designed to protect intellectual property, such as [...]

Throw Like a Girl

The Ultimate Frisbee Team is recruiting with the hopes of having a varsity and junior varsity team, but for this opportunity the team needs more girls in order to meet league requirements. “The Ultimate team needs more girls because we want [...]

Changes in the Highline District

On January 3, 2012, Angelica Alvarez was elected as the new school board president, which may cause adjustments to be made at Aviation.  Angelica Alvarez was the first Latina to join the school board back in 2010. Her goal when she first became [...]

ASB Opens Up Shop

Aviation High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) has decided to open the student store, promoting sales by starting “$5 Fridays” where certain items will be sold for only five dollars. With an overstock of items and too few opportunities [...]