05222018 Headline:

Throw Like a Girl

The Ultimate Frisbee Team is recruiting with the hopes of having a varsity and junior varsity team, but for this opportunity the team needs more girls in order to meet league requirements. “The Ultimate team needs more girls because we want [...]

Changes in the Highline District

On January 3, 2012, Angelica Alvarez was elected as the new school board president, which may cause adjustments to be made at Aviation.  Angelica Alvarez was the first Latina to join the school board back in 2010. Her goal when she first became [...]

ASB Opens Up Shop

Aviation High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) has decided to open the student store, promoting sales by starting “$5 Fridays” where certain items will be sold for only five dollars. With an overstock of items and too few opportunities [...]

On Your Mark, Get Set, Stress

Aviation High School seniors are done with their college applications and waiting to get an acceptance letter back. The more the seniors wait, the more they stress about whether they got into a college or not. When applying to Aviation High [...]

Spending Spring Break in Japan

During this spring break, eight to nine people from Mr. Kumakura’s Japanese class will get the opportunity to go to Japan, and experience the Japanese culture first hand. The whole Japanese class is invited to go, but Mr. Kumakura only [...]

Love is in the Air

This January and February, ASB has planned two fundraisers, DataMatch, where students get a chance to find out who shares similar interests as well as other things like birthdays, and the flower sale. ASB is putting on these events to raise [...]

Celebrating “yaD etisoppO”

The week of January 23rd is the next Spirit Week, and Aviation High School will celebrate a holiday that not everyone knows about. There has always been confusion about when Opposite Day actually takes place. The official date for Opposite [...]

When it Snows, They Ski

While snow starts to cover the mountains, ski and snowboard enthusiasts are getting their gear ready to head up to the mountains. Aviation High School’s Ski Club is finalizing their preparation to send students on the ski bus to Snoqualmie [...]

Holidays End and Grief Follows

Sadness increases as the holiday ends.  After waiting for a year, people just want the holidays to last. The holiday season is something to look forward to every fall and winter.  Presents, food and breaks, ideally the holidays are meant allow [...]

Securing Schools One Link at a Time

The season of giving is upon us, and what better way to do it than by participating in the National Honor Society (NHS) fundraiser that will send money to Aviation’s sister school in Uganda? The money that will be raised will be used to help [...]

Spamming for Charity

The 2011 Project for Awesome is running on December 17 and 18. Project for Awesome is an event that helps raise money for several charities by earning money from ads on videos from YouTube. This year, it will all start on the 17th of December [...]
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