07132020 Headline:

Fighting Cancer with Music

It is not everyday that a teenager is able to record their own written song in a top rated studio,  Zach Sobiech is one of the few who can. Zach Sobiech, a 17-year-old-teen who is always with guitar in tow, has one year to live. He is battling [...]

Mr. Aviation pageant dazzling stages soon

The second annual male-exclusive Mr. Aviation pageant will be held at AHS on April 26th, to showcase the wonderful guys in this school. Participants use their talent, fashion sense, and charisma to compete for being the next “Mr. Aviation.” [...]

Fun and Games in Flight Training

When Boeing needs pilots to test out their new training programs, who do they turn to? The aspiring student pilots at Aviation High School, of course. Students had the chance to “pilot” new training programs for flight management [...]

The good the bad and the brand new school

The move to Aviation High School’s new location is an event that the AHS staff and students have eagerly anticipated for years, but the change won’t come without its challenges. In some ways the new school will be smaller, thus making [...]

Showing love and spreading hope

National Honor Society’s newest charity project and class competition is a toy drive for the Seattle Children’s Hospital. From January 28 to February 22, donations of new toys will be accepted and given to support children at the hospital. “It’s [...]

Build season takes flight and reaches new heights

Halfway through the 2013 build season the Aviation High School Skunkworks Robotics team is well into the design process for their robot so that they can compete in this year’s game Ultimate Ascent, but they have not been without some difficulties [...]

AHS students learn to rock the vote

It’s that time of year once again around the nation, election season. Juniors Benton Coblentz and Chi Chi Deng have started a campaign to go around during the AHS lunch time and encourage seniors to register to vote. “People should [...]

AHS sets standards for possible charter schools

Charter schools, which allow students to receive alternate public education like Aviation High School without a school district getting involved, have always been illegal in Washington. However, this year, the initiative to allow them is reappearing [...]

Learn Science and Give Back

Aviation High School will be holding a Science and Robotics Day on November 10 to expose middle schoolers to science and engineering.  In addition, there will also be many ways for AHS students to give back by participating in the event. The [...]

Biology class welcomes Albertson to AHS

Tim Albertson is the new student teacher, assisting Dana Dyer, AHS biology teacher. Here to experience teaching first hand for a teaching certificate, Albertson brings with him  devotion for learning and teaching as well as an open ear for [...]

Students at their peak

This year the secretary of ASB, Rangsey Touch, added the Student of the Month award to the recognitions given the year at Aviation High School.  Students may receive this award if they meet certain criteria. “Students are nominated based [...]