02252018 Headline:

Debut of new Advisory program for college and career

A new Advisory program has replaced the old Career Cruising website that has been used for college and career planning in RAHS advisories. This is not the first time a new online service has been adopted for these purposes, and the introduction [...]

Info Night comes around once again

Info Night is a helpful event that allows prospective students to take a look at what RAHS is all about, and teachers and students alike want to make sure they’re on their best behavior to show visitors what life is like at the school. Ailis [...]

Students say goodbye to camouflage clothing

This year, wearing camouflage clothing has been banned from the Raisbeck Aviation High School dress code. Though the ban will not affect many students, it does raise questions about how the dress code is written and why RAHS has a “business [...]

Science gets spooky

Students in Science Olympiad attended a spooky self-invitational on October 31st, crowded with costumes and nerds alike.   Adeline Bader, sophomore at RAHS and Science Olympiad (Sci-Oly) member, attended and competed at the event.   “The [...]

MoF hosts haunted house

  Students can volunteer to be ghosts for an incredible haunted house at the Museum Of Flight on  25 Oct. for the community service credit, just for fun, or even for extra credit points. “There is something happening with the Museum [...]

SAT subjected to major changes

The College Board’s President and CEO David Coleman has announced that the Board is making some drastic and modernized changes concerning the SAT formatting which are set to first come into effect in March 2016.   This change was announced [...]

Freshman rite of passage gone?

Changes in first year classes means a different experience between freshmen and other students, but the actual differences may surprise some. While people claim that the incoming freshman  have changed, or that the classes have strayed from [...]

PSAT record broken by seniors

Last year’s PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) gave nine of this year’s seniors the chance to show their academic prowess in math, critical reading, and writing. Hannah Baker, Cooper Brown, Briton Coffey, Natalie Fuller, Jared Gibson, [...]

All-terrain sports enthusiast Andy Bowlin joins RAHS staff

This year brings in with a new robotics team called VEX (VEX EDR Curriculum). RAHS robotics team was honored to welcome the new coach Andy Bowlin. This new program has been switched due to having more  hands on stuff and opportunities, such [...]

Pathfinders return for another year

The annual Museum of Flight Pathfinders’ Gala has renewed its traditions this year. Coming up on 24 Oct. 2015 the Museum of Flight is hosting this formal event highlighting three people that have impacted the aviation and aerospace industry [...]

VEX kicks off with scrimmages and robot basketball

  The FTC team has been the full-size FRC Robotics team’s younger counterpart and the two have played in the program FIRST. However, this year the FTC team has switched to VEX.   Though they have switched programs, the process of [...]
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