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Students dub themselves musical experts

During advisory on Apr. 15, RAHS staff and students participated in the filming of a lip dub video to help promote the school and its Phoenix Pride. Filming throughout the entire building, the video captures the essence of the school and details [...]

Prime time to visit PacSci

Though some would think the Pacific Science Center would get boring and repetitive after a few visits, the rotation of exhibits brings something fresh, including two exciting new visitors.   The new Pompeii exhibit is visiting the Pacific [...]

Star Wars Costume Exhibit opens at the EMP

The launch of the new Star Wars Costume exhibit recently opened at the Experience Music Project (EMP) alongside the permanent music installations.The childhood idols have been released for the public to witness for the enjoyment of thousands. A [...]

The brighter side of AP testing

It’s that time of the year again. That’s right. It’s the AP season that students from all over the country have been preparing for. AP tests ranging from the Spanish language test to the Calculus AB test offered by the College Board will [...]

Aircraft Tetris

Moving all of the airplanes can be a game of tetris, rotating them and lining them up perfectly to fit in the new Aviation Pavilion. It will be a gigantic new addition to the Museum of Flight and will also provide a fantastic view for those [...]

Putting stress to the test

Balancing school work and jobs outside of school can be difficult. There may be a lot of hair-pulling, nail-biting, and hyperventilating-through-a-paper-bag kind of moments that overworking can get students into. Stress is a state of mental [...]

One down, one to go

Sophomores tackled the Moon Colony project in their semester one Current World Problems class and will now take on the Environmental Challenge in Quarter 4. The Environmental Challenge will test students’ problem-solving skills by being given [...]

Standardized test accepts changes for the future

When students open their SAT booklets in 2016, they should be expecting changes to different sections including math, reading, and writing. Building from previous years, teachers are constantly changing their curriculum to keep up with the varying [...]

Annual Hearts Game invigorates students

The Annual Hearts Game is back for Valentine’s Day, raising spirits and bringing the most competitive students out to play. Once again, many guys are looking to be victorious in their to coax girls to talk to them, in order win their (paper) [...]

Chasing the Buses

In the last few weeks at RAHS, students have been at the mercy of the ever-changing bus schedule–for no apparent reason. Towards the end of the school day, often times the announcement is made that one of the bus routes has been revised [...]

Working beneath the museum

In the dungeon of the Museum of Flight after dark, volunteers do projects that they present to various audiences on the Free First Thursday of the month. Being down below has its benefits, volunteers get free food like, lots of candy and soda. [...]
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