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Senior Sean Wong picks up mentorship application in Career Center, looking forward to learn how to navigate his career path in the future. Photo by Emmanuel Rujoni

Mentor program: pros and cons

Unique to RAHS, the mentor program was created to integrate students’ future plans into the school curriculum. Pairing students and mentors with similar interests, it is designed to give students the experience and skills that they need to [...]

A day of just mathematics

On Monday, Mar. 23, the University of Washington will hold their annual Math Day for high school students from grades 10-12. During the UW Math Day, faculty members along with students from the University of Washington will present cutting-edge [...]

Traditions & traveling during the holidays

Christmas is almost here, and people are in that holiday mood, cooking scrumptious food, and some are patiently waiting to open up all the presents under the tree. Sleeping in, presents, food, and having a great time to relax or spend time [...]

Mixed martial arts club to augment sports choices

Freshman Jordan Fletcher is starting a Raisbeck Aviation mixed martial arts club that will be training at Leading Edge Kickboxing. The nature of martial arts is non-violent, and demands respect and self-discipline in order to learn, both important [...]
Jonah Graves takes out aggression towards other drivers in Spanish.

Students search for Spanish opportunities outside class

Many students are looking for opportunities to further their spanish education outside of class. Austin Fischer, a senior taking AP Spanish with Señor Peterson, has been looking forward to his use of his new found skills outside of school. “I’m [...]

PTSA Auction funds RAHS programs

After months of planning, thousands of volunteer hours and hundreds of procured items, the RAHS PTSA “Sky is not the Limit” Auction raised over $140 thousand on Nov. 8 including over $80 thousand for the sports of the mind teams. The auction [...]

The wrath of college applications

It’s that time of the year again when seniors from high school schools around the country begin to receive their early college acceptance letters. Filled with excitement and apprehension, the seniors of RAHS are ready to witness the results [...]

Transfers adapt to RAHS community

This school year, doors are open for the new students coming in. RAHS has accepted five new transfer students, each with a fresh tale of fitting in with their settled classmates. Senior Mason Gionet is one of the new students entering the school [...]

Senior project changes…again

In response to the district’s decision to maintain culminating projects, RAHS has changed some of the requirements of the project based upon students’ and parents’ opinions. On Nov. 24, Principal Bruce Kelly resolved to reduce the 40 [...]

Teens look toward football for opportunity

Several students earn their physical education credit by playing football with outside schools. Whether it is because their parents made them, or more commonly, the love of the game, it is a way to earn credit and get in shape. Daisuke Fukagawa, [...]
V6_I4_News_Hawks_Nyberg (Photo by Peyton Gural)

Bring on the Boom

Uncertainty loomed in the locker room about a repeat Super Bowl for the Seahawks early in the season. They had three wins and three losses on October 19. But hopes remained high as they ended the season with Beastquake 2.0, some Wilson magic, [...]
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