Mrs. Therese Tipton has been selected as the new principal of RAHS. She was born in Seattle, and has been a principal in Phoenix, Arizona for the past few years and her background is extensive in both business and teaching. She will soon take over the role of Principal Bruce Kelly. Her history and experiences make her a prime candidate for the principal of Raisbeck Aviation High School. “I was born and raised in Seattle and I went to Washington State University and I actually got a business degree. Then I ended up combining that with a teaching degree and I did a little bit of both over about a period of 15-20 years,” said Tipton. “I worked in industry[…]

During spring break, many RAHS students sat at their computer playing video games, or catching up on their favorite TV series. A few students, however, flew to Costa Rica and enjoyed the sun and water under the leadership of sophomore English teacher and ASB advisor Mrs. Sarah Fitzpatrick. Erin Davidson, a current sophomore at RAHS, had the most fun by simply relaxing and taking part in the exciting activities. “My favorite part of the trip was staying at the hotels and just relaxing by the pools and playing games with friends,” said Davidson. “We did a lot of activities that were fun as well like snorkeling, ziplining, whitewater rafting, [and] hiking.” Many of the students who travelled to Costa Rica[…]

In the month of February, when Valentine’s Day is celebrated, many shops sell special sweets and gifts, which become a huge deal on Valentine’s Day. Now that Valentine’s Day has passed, another holiday is approaching. On White Day in Japan or Korea, men usually give white chocolate or cake and other sweet things, usually colored white. It is part of their culture to be aware of other people’s kindness to each other. Wendy Stang from Japan was able to celebrate White Day in the firsthand. “Men give a present back to the women who gave them chocolates on Valentine’s Day to show their gratitude,” said Stang, “so all the women who gave chocolate to their boyfriend or a man whom[…]

In 2009, the iconic Seattle Supersonics were moved to Oklahoma City, much to the disappointment of many, but the basketball dream in Seattle may be reignited. The Key Arena has served as Seattle’s primary stadium for basketball, concerts, and other major events, but the famous stadium will soon be receiving a big brother just south of Safeco Field, in the SoDo area of Seattle. The process of implementing the stadium began back in 2012 when Mike McGinn, the mayor of Seattle at the time, explained the proposal of the arena. “On first look, this is an exciting proposal, and it could mean big things for our community. If we succeed, this project means hundreds of millions of dollars of private[…]

Despite the sluggish pace of construction of the Aviation Pavilion, many students remain enthusiastic for the completion of the structure and eagerly await its imminent finish. Freshmen Cooper LeComp and Xavier Auer have observed the new, albeit slow, changes to the Aviation Pavilion. “I plan to go there and see the airplanes, and [I am] glad that they have the covered area, because I am tired of getting rained on every single time I visit,” said LeComp. “It will be an awesome sight to see all the planes there. I just wish that I [could] see the aircraft now, it’s so close to being completed.” LeComp showed his dismay towards the slow progress of the building, but he could not[…]

On 6 Feb. 2016, Raisbeck Aviation High School’s Science Olympiad team competed at a home invitational in order to prepare for the upcoming regionals competition on 12 Mar. Scott McComb, a coach for the Science Olympiad team, oversees the builders. He is pleased with the competitors’ results. “We had some really strong finishes. The overall [RAHS invitational] ranks were really positive,” said McComb. “We are placing fifth and sixth with the overall score but this was against teams like Bothell and Camas, who, often times, win states and are national contenders.” Hailey Johnston, team lead of Group C, which studies Chemistry, Forensics, and Protein Modeling, and her partner Grace Zoppi placed impressively in her events. “Grace and I placed second[…]

College-bound RAHS students are preparing for the SAT on 5 Mar. It’s no secret that many students are stressed and anxious, but according to some, there are ways to manage the stress. Isha Singh, a junior at RAHS, is preparing for the SAT. Her angst, she thinks, likely stems from the importance of the exam and lack of mandatory preparation. “I am really stressed out,” said Singh, “because it is one of those things that is a really important component to any college application, but isn’t something that is forced upon me to prepare for.” Finding time for precious exam preparation while living a busy lifestyle is a challenging aspect for some. Of course, while simultaneously preparing for the exam,[…]

Even with some in sharp opposition to the new lottery system,  the release of demographics on 10 Feb. have clearly shown that it has been a success in increasing the diversity of RAHS. The school on a whole is currently 65% Caucasian, 23.3% Asian, 7% Black, 4.1% Latino, and 0.7% Native American. Current juniors are only 59% Caucasian with the lowest percentage, while the current sophomores are 72% Caucasian. The freshmen are 65% Caucasian and the seniors are 64% Caucasian. Current sophomores are only 3% Black, while current seniors are 9.5% Black. The freshmen are 7% Black and the juniors are 8% Black. Current sophomores and seniors are only 19% Asian, while current juniors are 30% Asian. The freshmen are[…]

A bombshell was dropped as Mr. Kelly broke the news that he is resigning as principal of RAHS at the end of the school year. While speculation has surrounded the reasons behind Mr. Kelly’s resignation, they’re exactly as stated in his letter to the school: personal reasons. “It doesn’t obviously tell the whole story and I have to live with that,” said Kelly, “but I also want to reiterate that it has nothing to do with the amazing students here, the support of parents, or our incredible partners. They have nothing to do with the decision.” Mr. Kelly’s decision is very emotional, not only for the students and staff, but also for Kelly himself. “I’m sorrowful. But since I have[…]

Despite the outbreak of the Zika virus in South America, the majority of students planning on taking the exciting trip to Costa Rica during Spring Break are still enthusiastic about going. Originating in Brazil, the Zika virus has gained momentum and spread across South America and eventually pushed further north into Central America. More recently, it entered North America. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the virus is mainly transmitted through mosquitos, and cases of it were found in over 20 U.S. states so far. It does not have extreme immediate effects, however people around the world are starting to raise concerns. Traditionally, a trip is taken every two years with students from Aviation High School[…]