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Transfers adapt to RAHS community

This school year, doors are open for the new students coming in. RAHS has accepted five new transfer students, each with a fresh tale of fitting in with their settled classmates. Senior Mason Gionet is one of the new students entering the school [...]

Senior project changes…again

In response to the district’s decision to maintain culminating projects, RAHS has changed some of the requirements of the project based upon students’ and parents’ opinions. On Nov. 24, Principal Bruce Kelly resolved to reduce the 40 [...]

Teens look toward football for opportunity

Several students earn their physical education credit by playing football with outside schools. Whether it is because their parents made them, or more commonly, the love of the game, it is a way to earn credit and get in shape. Daisuke Fukagawa, [...]
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Bring on the Boom

Uncertainty loomed in the locker room about a repeat Super Bowl for the Seahawks early in the season. They had three wins and three losses on October 19. But hopes remained high as they ended the season with Beastquake 2.0, some Wilson magic, [...]

Freshmen reflect on first semester

As the second quarter comes to a close of the 2014-2015 school year, freshmen look back on their highs and lows of their first semester in high school. When students started high school, they had high hopes for most of the classes they were [...]

A follow-up on the PSATs

Having patiently waited since October, the juniors and sophomores finally received their PSAT results in early January after their return to school from winter break. The PSAT was created for two main purposes: the evaluation of a student’s [...]

Community service superstars rack up hours

Community service at RAHS can be a hassle for some, but over the course of the school year, some students have done much more than the graduation requirement. A few even accumulated over 200 hours of helping their community. As the organizer [...]

Public plans to purify Duwamish

In December 2014, the finalized Record of Decision, or proposal, was published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that highlights the future plans to remove pollutants and cleanse the Duwamish River. Being one of the most toxic locations [...]

STEM education broadens horizons for foreign students

In February, 12-15 students from China will be joining RAHS and The Museum of Flight to learn about aviation- and project-based education. This partnership is not only hoping to educate these scholars about STEM, but to develop their interests [...]

Catching up with the RAHS teams

Speech and debate members Karl Nielson, Luna Medhane, Shailee Stevens, and Zahnae Aquino practice rounds for their upcoming debate at the Snohomish competition. RAHS teams have been busy this fall and are now preparing for intense events coming [...]

Joe Sutter Dinner Returns To RAHS

Students were encouraged to apply to the upcoming Joe Sutter Dinner Lecture, Saturday, November 15. The event was held at the Museum of Flight were the Pathfinder Gala was also held. This year the Sutter Dinner was vastly different as compared [...]
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