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Excitement arises at RAHS over summer tech

Students ditch the outdoors for new technology

By Jess Olmstead

Junior Teo Bagnoli prepares his phone before the ultimate drive this summer.

Junior Teo Bagnoli prepares his phone before the ultimate drive this summer.

With the summer of 2017 coming, it’s important for RAHS students to pick out new tech products to maximize their summer experiences.


Jeff Spaeth, an RAHS junior, has thought of ideas for everything from reasonable and functional tech to more extravagant and extreme purchases.


“My ultimate piece of summer tech would have to be the Kitty Hawk Flyer,” said Spaeth. “It’s an all-electric, ultralight personal aircraft, and it doesn’t even take a license to operate.”


The Kitty Hawk Flyer could also foreshadow a time in the near future of passenger drones, autonomous flight, and more.


“It’s not a flying car or anything, it’s a recreational vehicle for fresh water. Think of a jet-ski that flies,” said Spaeth. “It’s really that cool, and it’s becoming a reality. It’s going to be officially launched this summer.”


Though its price has yet to be released, The Flyer will probably be a bit out of the average person’s price range, so it’s important to also consider more reasonable purchases.


“The new DJI Spark is also really intriguing,” said Spaeth, “because it’s basically a fully functional and totally portable mini-drone for $500, rather than thousands.”


Shipping in mid to late June, the Spark is demonstrating the trend of good quality budget drones with lower and lower price tags.


“It might not take 4k video and be able to fly 50 miles per hour,” said Spaeth, “but for your average consumer it’s a perfect way to take aerial footage and enjoy the hobby.”


In addition to affordability, it is also important to consider functional and practical tech.


“I think one important piece of functional tech to consider, however, is a dash cam, for many reasons,” said Spaeth. “They’ve gotten very inexpensive, and can save a ton of headache in the case of an accident.”


As more and more companies have joined the dashboard camera market, their prices have gone down and they boast more and more useful features for the driver, like theft protection and rear visibility.


“Let’s say someone runs a red light and crashes into you,” said Spaeth. “Without witnesses, it could easily be pinned on you, but with a dash cam, you have proof.”


The App Store and Google Play Store are also great places to find new tech for the summer, according to RAHS car enthusiast Teo Bagnoli.


“One thing I’m looking forward to using this summer is the new BMW Ultimate Drive App,” said Bagnoli. “It allows users to share and discover new scenic and enjoyable routes to drive, which is a lot of fun.”


Though the experience might not yet be polished, it can still offer a great deal of functionality.


“There are still lots of improvements yet to be made,” said Bagnoli, “but I think the concept is really novel, and could be really useful this summer.”


On the more standard tech fare side of things, there are also some new phones to consider this season.


“Another interesting product is the new Blackberry KEYone,” said Spaeth. “Blackberry might seem antiquated, but it actually boasts a good set of specs and features, which might appeal to a lot of people.”


When considering a good phone for summer, however, it’s important to consider things like battery life and camera quality for expeditions, rather than a physical keyboard or a similar feature.


“If you’re looking for a more traditional phone, however, the OnePlus 5 will be coming out soon,” said Spaeth, “and it’s expected to outperform the Samsung Galaxy S8 for hundreds of dollars less, as well as the Google Pixel XL, the HTC U11, and more.”




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