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Class of 2017 takes Waskowitz

Seniors welcome traditional retreat to end high school

By Andrea Bui

Members of ASB discuss on the topic of the senior retreat coming up in May

Members of ASB discuss on the topic of the senior retreat coming up in May

This year’s graduating class of 2017 will be attending their senior retreat at the Waskowitz Outdoor School from the 26-28 May. Many of the students will be given the opportunity to bond through the many activities during the retreat such as playing flag football on the large fields, hiking, watching movies in the Red barn or Council hall, and water activities in the River Shed.


ASB President senior Ashley Balbuena and ASB have finalized that this year the retreat will be held at Camp Waskowitz, which is approved by the district as a field trip area, and since the camp has many opportunities for both outdoor and indoor activities, it was the ideal area to host the retreat.


“It is a great place to bond with our class,” said Balbuena.


Senior Xhelan Sylve is ecstatic about the retreat because it will grant the senior class a time to simply relax, unwind, and enjoy each other’s company before going their separate ways.  

“It will be a great way to chill, and to celebrate the ending of the school year,” said Sylve. “And, because it is towards the end of the year, it won’t necessarily bring us together, but instead allow us to have fun.”


Senior Tanjai Ploykao is excited about spending a couple of days with her fellow classmates doing a variety of bonding activities. Most of the time at Camp Waskowitz will be unstructured free time, giving seniors a great way to relieves stress and celebrate a new chapter in their life before graduating from RAHS in a couple of months.

“I like the idea of the retreat because you actually get to spend time with our classmates at the camp,” said Ploykao. “It would be fun to spend the nights and share a room with others since that is what I like.”


Though the class of 2017 is already close to one another, they’re looking forward to a great weekend of sports, games, movies, and free time.


“Although we are already bonded with our peers, it will still be fun to participate in games and fun activities at the camp” said senior Shelton Wright.


Balbuena, had the chance to observe the making of a new event when she was a junior. The class of 2016 was the first to plan and go on a senior retreat to celebrate completing their last year of high school.


“When the seniors voiced their interests, an ASB committee started having meetings after school with the senior class to make an itinerary,” said Balbuena. “The idea was presented by Makoto Take, Jesse Mau, and Julia Toone.”


The class of 2016 had a great time on their trip, and this year’s senior’s are excited for a similar experience.
“I have heard great things about the retreat from last year’s class so I am excited on what is to come on this year’s event,” said senior Mackie Freeman.

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