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Black Students Union encourages RAHS students to get involved

Leadership plans for community service projects and a more stable club

By Tristina Huynh

BSU executives planning further events for the school year.
Photo by Tristina Huynh

Black Student Union (BSU) is starting the new year off by playing a bigger role in school and the wider community by planning events and activities as well as taking part in the MLK assembly.

Senior and President of BSU Kyla Marks wants to stabilize the club this year.

“We want to create a stable foundation for the club,” said Marks. “Set activities and [a] schedule that can be used every year.”

Marks believes that being a part of community outreaches will help BSU prosper this year.

“We are helping out the Boys and Girls Club such as volunteering there and tutoring little kids there,” said Marks. “We are trying to do community service events that happens once or twice a month.”

Through BSU, Marks is attempting to emphasize the importance of Black History Month.

“In February we are trying to do more for Black History Month such as put[ting] more facts around the school,” said Marks. “Last year it was not brought up; this year we want to put up more posters.”

By the end of the year Marks want to influence younger African Americans to influence those in their community.

“We want younger African Americans to see that they still have a voice in the community,” said Marks. “We want to show them that we are stronger if we come together and become one and achieve a lot.”

Junior BSU secretary Char Cox wants to teach Black History to those in BSU to create a safe space for students.

“Basically we just want to create a sense of community for the black students, but we also want to teach [the] history about black culture,” said Cox. “If there are other students that are in BSU, even black students who do not know about black history.”

Vice president of BSU Lilia Medhane wants to be inclusive of freshmen this year.

I’ve kept in contact with a lot of the freshmen actually,” said Medhane. “Having a sibling in the freshman class really helps [to understand] the vibe and what they would like to do with the club.”

Medhane wants BSU to be well known and to be more involved as well as being well structured.

“I want the club to be apart of something bigger of course,” said Medhane. “I really like how NHS is structured, and hopefully we can approach that level this year.”

Cox wants BSU to be a place where anyone is welcome.

“We are trying to create a community for mainly black students to feel welcome, but we’re not discriminating against any students,” said Cox. “Anyone is welcome to join.”

Getting more members this year and doing more activities in the community, Cox beliefs will help BSU have a good start this year.

“We are trying to get BSU up and running this year. Getting more people to join, but we do want to start doing community outreaches and game nights at community centers, said Cox. “We are trying to reach out to the black community.”

Cox and the rest of BSU is helping ASB with the Black History Month.

“We are still planning what we are going to do for this school,” said Cox. “We have an idea of doing what ASB is doing last year for black history month but doing it at the start of the month rather than the end of the month.”

By the end of this year Cox wants BSU to be a club where people would feel safe.

“I want BSU to be a well known club, a club that people want to join and be apart of,” said Cox. “Somewhere that helps people feel a sense of community because there is not a lot of people of color at this school. I want BSU to be a place where people can share their feelings and feel comfortable.”

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