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70+ model planes given to RAHS

Late Edmond Squifflet donates impressive collection

By Payton Madson

Edmond Squifflet, a retired Boeing Civil Engineer, passed away in Nov. 2016, and his model aircraft collection was gradually donated to RAHS this year.


David Bush, executor of the late Edmond Squifflet’s estate, personally knew and appreciated Squifflet’s dedication to history and modeling.


“After retirement he took up two hobbies, reading and model collection / building. He was an obsessive history buff,” said Bush. “He would read everything he could find and research on a subject, and along the way either build or collect scale models and dioramas to portray that interest.”


When retired Boeing employee Edmond Squifflet passed away in the Fall of 2016, his estate looked to donate some of his belongings.


“A part of his estate was a massive collection of model airplanes. David reached out to our school in terms of finding a place for the planes to have a home,” said Tremain Holloway, RAHS vice principal. “He thought about Aviation High School, so he gave me a call and he asked if we had any capacity to host seventy plus model airplanes, and I said ‘Well, we can make space.’”


The donation honors Squifflet’s dedication to his career at Boeing and love for the aviation industry.


“[Edmond Squifflet] was a retired Boeing Civil Engineer who enjoyed a retirement that lasted about six months longer than the 28+ years he worked at the company,” said Bush. “In 1960 he was recruited by Boeing, based on his experience, to help develop runway paving equipment. That led to patents for portable asphalt plants that Boeing sold, and Ed delivered, all over the world.”


While Squifflet worked at Boeing he was involved in several large projects, including the Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile or ICBM.


“By the mid-sixties Boeing was involved with the ICBM program. Ed worked on the silo design team,” said Bush. “His contribution included a full scale test of the loads to the silo resulting from a missile launch.”


Post retirement, Squifflet spent his time studying history and recreating the scenes that grabbed his fascination.


The RAHS community will honor and appreciate the work that Squifflet put into building and maintaining his collection.


“You can tell that Edmond really took care of these planes,” said Holloway. “They’re all really well taken care of.”


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