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2017 Auction Preparations Underway

Volunteers Needed for Upcoming Meetings

By Cole Evans

Ashley Balbuena, Vee Glessner, Stephanie Glascock, and Kaeden Wile speak at the 2016 auction on November 5th in support of student programs.

Ashley Balbuena, Vee Glessner, Stephanie Glascock, and Kaeden Wile speak at the 2016 auction on November 5th in support of student programs.

Following the success of the 2016 auction, the 2017 RAHS auction team is currently garnering support for introductory meetings. These meetings started on 19 Jan., when the 2017 Auction Logo was revealed, and will continue until this year’s event on 4 Nov. 2017.


There are 5 meetings scheduled for the following months. The classes include marketing, sponsorship, procurement, data management, and silent auction training. Heidi Gottshall, the 2017 Auction Committee Leader, is setting up a series of meetings to allow students and parents who are interested to get a taste of what it’s like to volunteer for the auction.


The first meeting, held on 9 Feb., will introduce the sponsor aspects of the auction.


“First we will help parents get our message and materials going,” said Gottshall. “Then, they will be tasked with reaching out to previous sponsors to see if they would like to donate again.”


Next, On 16 Feb., the procurement team meeting will overview the aspects of handling auction items and bidding.


“Parents can be involved early on, entering the items that are donated [into a database],” said Gottshall. “We also need a crew to handle registration when guests come in, and to process all the bids during the auction.”


Starting at the meetings in February, students and parents can acquire community service hours and learn about the planning that goes into the auction every year.  


“We really want to emphasize educating parents and students on all the processes of running the auction,” said Gottshall. “It would be great for new parents and students to understand what goes into [the auction], so it’s easier for people to step in and take over next year.”


For students that want to get involved, Gottshall recommends contacting potential sponsors and donors, such as businesses, clubs, and teams they’re involved with, as early as possible.


“We will have a student kickoff in April,” said Gottshall. “Students right now can get involved by reaching out to local businesses and school teams, and see if there is a way they could participate.”


In addition, the tech-savvy could help the team by representing RAHS’s gratitude for the community’s support.


“We really need a updated 2017 kickoff video. If someone was interested in interviewing fellow students and express thanks for the supporters of the auction, that would help us a lot. We raised $150,000  last year. If students could share projects that benefited from the money, that would be great.”


In addition, students and parents interested in a position on the auction team can set up a job shadow, which can help introduce them to the duties of a certain position without a long-term commitment.


“We really encourage [job shadows], especially for people interested in the leadership team,” said Gottshall. “They can behind the scenes be copied on emails to see what these jobs are all about.”


Since the auction team is looking for new Auction Chairs, adults interested in becoming involved with the team are encouraged to do so early.


“We strongly encourage one or two parents to job shadow us as Auction Chairs, starting ASAP, through all auction processes,” said Gottshall. “We will be handing over the reigns in 11 months, and job shadowing will make the transition easier!”


Since the auction is an elaborate event, the team is looking to prepare leadership for the 2018 auction as soon as possible.


“It can all seem really overwhelming at first,” said Gottshall. “That’s how I learned last year: through job shadows and really absorbing information.”
Those that are interested in volunteering or obtaining a position as Auction Chair can contact the team at auctionchair@rahsptsa.org.

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