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Ultimate Frisbee team flies into co-ed season

After successful boy’s season, Turbulence hopes to dominate the year

By Harrison Korin

Turbulence getting prepared for the next season

RAHS Ultimate Frisbee team, Turbulence, is on the winning trail. In the boys season, they had a successful regular career and placed 3rd in the Puget Sound League, however their goals for the upcoming co-ed season are even more ambitious.

RAHS senior Miles Bush believes that the season was successful even though the team did not get through the playoffs.

“The boys season went well,” said Bush. “We got into the playoffs but despite not winning our playoff match the score was still a close game, and we had a good regular season.”

Bush is adamant that the survivability of the RAHS team in the coming years is crucial.

“Last year as well we made it to the playoffs, but we lost in the first round so it is actually surprising,” said Bush, “because we lost a lot of seniors last year but we were still able to make a comeback and get to the playoffs this year showing that we have a good team infrastructure that can compete year after year.”

However, just like for everyone else, Bush has some regrets about the boys season, mainly on how they almost had tunnel vision when getting to the playoffs and how they did not truly develop their basic skills.

“[We’re] trying to [teach] as many players [as many] basic skills as possible,” said Bush. “We missed that because of our focus on making playoffs.”

Vice President of the Ultimate Frisbee team junior Eric Lottsfeldt also holds some regrets and worries for the past and upcoming seasons.

“Because of our lack of a real coach and it was just a volunteer from one of the player’s parents, I regret that we may not have reached full potential,” said Lottsfeldt.

Bush also worries about the next boys season in the 2018-19 school year.

“A lot of our players didn’t get as much high pressure or game time as I would have liked,” said Bush, “because next year they are going to need that [experience].”

Although Bush is worried about the next year he is more focused on the goals of the co-ed season for now.

“First goal for the co-ed season is to include more girls because it kind of sucks that they can’t play in the fall,” said Bush, “and the next goal would be go out there and have fun but also win.”

Lottsfeldt holds the same prime goal as Bush of including more girls.

“The girls can’t play that much in the boys season so the coed season is kind of their time to shine,” said Lottsfeldt.

While in girls season, Bush also plans to prep next year’s team to succeed without the current seniors.

“This will be the last time that this group of seniors will be able to play together,” said Bush, “so another big goal would be to prepare everybody for not having the current seniors on the team.”

Bush has high hopes for the co-ed season because of how the RAHS Turbulence team completely integrates their girls.

“The reason why we are so good at co-ed is because we include our girls more, we normally have girls in handling positions so it forces them to have better fundamental skills,” said Bush.

Although Bush and Lottsfeldt have worries for the future, they are excited for the upcoming girls season and can’t wait to get back on the field. Yet as always they need to find a way to advertise their team.

“Come join the ultimate frisbee team on our practice days, Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays to have a good time and play frisbee,” said Bush.

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