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Students of all ages open up about pre-graduation bucket lists

By Phoenix Flyer

Time is running out for many students to experience those lasting memories and complete the final things on their high school bucket list. To help inspire students, the Phoenix Flyer asked students about the most important things they want to do before they graduate from RAHS.


9th grade: Bernie Jones


“I’d like to make a significant impact on this school before graduation, possibly running for a position in ASB. Making a lasting positive impression on this school before my time here is done is just one of many things on my bucket list before graduation.”


9th grade: Davie Ann Ross


“I’ve played the violin for almost 8 years now. It’s something that I find is got it extremely helpful, creative outlet for me, and getting into the Seattle U symphony before I graduate would signify me getting onto a whole new level of violin playing.”


9th grade: Jeremy Boyle


“I want to really find a great group of people that are smart and fit my personality that I can hang out with. But on a more personal level I kinda want to get a girlfriend before I graduate.”


10th grade: Bella White


“Robotics has been like a major centerpoint of life for a few years now, and it’ll be important to me after pouring in all that effort I have into robotics to see something come out of it like getting a world championship title before I graduate.”


10th grade: Evan Frischholz


“I want to be part of a really good senior prank that’ll actually be remembered for a solid few years after I leave. That’s definitely something I think is important in high school, to have some fun like that.”


11th grade: Mary McCormick


“Before I graduate, I want to get my certification to become an officially-leveled ski instructor.”


11th grade: Khoa Tran


“Before I graduate, I would like to go on a road trip or a trip out of the States with my friends. I want to preserve my friendship that I made in high school, and trips with them would preserve those friendships past high school. This experience would allow us to be independent and grow closer together.”


12th grade: Tanjai Ploykao


“Well being a senior there’s not much left I want to do before I graduate but just leave RAHS on a good memory. Just graduating in peace and on a positive note with everyone.”


12th grade: Colin Marvin


“I really want to stay healthy for the next couple of weeks because I run track and I want to be able to run at state this year and compete with my team for the last time.”


12th grade: Sam Johnson


“An experience I want to have is Prom. I’m going with a group, and it’s probably going to be one of the last times we’re all together, and taking that all in, being with this group that have been my friends for the past 4 years is going to be big, and I want to make it worthwhile.”

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