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Students learn new skills this summer

Time off spent doing internships, classes, leaving country

By Phoenix Flyer

The school year may be just about over, but it doesn’t mean that the learning stops. Many students in all classes are doing something to continue learning this summer that isn’t attached to RAHS’ curriculum.


Junior Dakota Gorder is planning a trip to a foreign country in order to gain a better understanding of history from a European point of view.


“This summer I’ll be taking a bachelor’s-level course in modern European history at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands,” said Gorder. “This University is the most prestigious in the country.”


Gorder is excited to learn new information about topics that interest him such as famous wars.


“The program will focus on the three most important wars of the last century: World War I, World War II, and the Cold War,” said Gorder. “I look forward to learning European history from a European perspective.”


Depending on his experience, Gorder claims he might even stay and attend school in Europe.


“I want a degree in modern European history, and I’ve always considered going to school in Europe. This program allows me to see what it is like to go to school in Europe while also taking a college level course,” said Gorder.


Another reason for Gorder attending is the school’s affordable price.


“It is also very affordable so it seemed like an obvious choice to apply for the program,” said Gorder. If I decide I may want to attend a full 3 years to get my bachelors degree [bachelors take 3 years in Europe] I already have a school I can apply to that I have already attended.”


Education could also come from an internship. Senior Isha Singh has already lined up her own for summer break.


“I am interning at Boeing in Flight Services. The specifics of the internship are pretty open-ended, for I am to ‘provide a fresh perspective on existing problems,’” said Singh. “The internship provides opportunities to not only network within the company, but also gain work experience that will aid in my pursuits in university and beyond.”


The internship she’s doing isn’t a requirement for school or college, but for the experience to understand what the working world is like.


“I want to get some real-world experience working in engineering!” Said Sigh. “This internship will allow for some interaction with that line of work, as well as some network opportunities. I plan to pursue civil engineering, so having this experience will not only give me a better idea on how said career looks like day-to-day, but also give me a leg-up when I apply for college internships/jobs.”


Students are also taking a more traditional route with their learning. Senior Jillian Mellinger, for example, is taking courses at Embry-Riddle in order to get a head start on her classes.


“This summer, I’m hoping to get some college prerequisite courses out of the way: a 100-level English class and 100-level Chemistry,” said Mellinger. “Embry-Riddle’s course structure has you in major-specific classes right away, so if I can get some of the more general courses out of the way, it’ll give me more time to focus on engineering courses.”


There’s always an opportunity to learn something new or to prepare oneself for future education yet to come.


“For me, it’s just a way to keep busy,” said Mellinger. “But college courses over the summer are definitely a good idea for someone going to a larger school that is structured more traditionally since it allows you to knock some credits out of the way.”


Some students will even continue their STEM-related education. Senior Tanjai Ploykao will be studying and taking outside classes in order to kickstart her career the aviation industry in the near future.


“During summer [I’m going] to Green River College in Auburn,” said Ploykao, “and basically I’m going to take one class which [involves] aviation.”


Continuing her education in the summer allows her to gain more experience in the aerospace industry and prepares her for college.


“The reason why I’m doing this is because it’s like getting my first step into a college because I want to make sure that I understand how the college system works,” said Ploykao.



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