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Spring brings seasonal games and events

ASB hearts and shamrock games, GSA dinner adds life to Feb. and Mar.

By Helena Cassam

Friday 17 Mar. will force boys into silence, much to everyone's enjoyment, as girls such as Junior Hannah Kaiser compete for shamrocks.

Friday 17 Mar. will force boys into silence, much to everyone’s enjoyment, as girls such as Junior Hannah Kaiser compete for shamrocks.

Friday 17 Mar. marks St. Patrick’s day, from all-school games to showing spirit by wearing green. RAHS students and clubs are getting excited for the upcoming events. Similarly to the “hearts game” on Valentine’s day, RAHS’ tradition of playing the “shamrock game” on St. Patrick’s day is a favorite for many students.


Junior Hannah Kaiser enjoys the game a lot and feels the games are a fun way to add to the two minor holidays around school.


“The annual heart and shamrock games let the boys and girls interact with each other in a way that is different and fun,” said Kaiser.


Many enjoy the traditional games but others choose not to participate due to personal preferences, including freshman Anusha Gani.


‘I personally don’t play the game because I don’t really connect to it but it is extremely uncomfortable to some people that I know of,’ said Gani. ‘However, I know that a lot of people have a lot of fun so I remain respectful and I don’t try to “rain on their parade.”’


Though Valentine’s day and St. Patrick’s day often don’t get as much attention as much as other holidays, many find the games and dinner add a little fun to the spring months.


“Like on Valentine’s day, St. Patrick’s day has the shamrock game, switches the game up and it’s always fun to see what people will do to try and get others to talk to them,” said Kaiser. “People even bring food to bribe people to give up their shamrocks or hearts!”


Last year RAHS’ Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club hosted a dinner on St. Patrick’s day in the PLC on 17 Mar. 2016 and had a large turnout from all classes and many staff members. From baked potatoes and music to a rainbow-themed cake, GSA hopes to keep the tradition of a potluck dinner going annually.


Junior Grace Derrer, regularly attended GSA last year and contributed to making the dinner possible, and went to last year’s St. Patrick’s day dinner.


“Last year’s celebration was a big success,” said Derrer. “Lots of people came and more people came to GSA in the weeks after the St. Patrick’s day party.”


Derrer enjoyed last year’s celebration and thinks it’s a great way for people to hang out at school in a laid back environment.


“Lot’s of people from all different grades attend,” said Derrer. “We met new people and got to know more of the community and just chill together.”


Junior Tricia Ing and President of GSA, is excited to host the second GSA dinner in the PLC on 24 Mar. from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm, and hopes more and more people will attend.


“This year we have more food, music, and we’re just going to have a good time, hanging out and having fun,” said Ing.


Formerly held on St. Patrick’s day, this year’s GSA dinner will be held a week later due to scheduling issues.


“We chose to move the event due to planning reasons,” said Ing, “and most people couldn’t make it to the original date.”


GSA’s goal is to include everyone and to spread awareness about diversity and spread love to all genders and sexual orientations equally. Though the dinner is not like the usual gatherings, GSA wants it to be a safe place for the LGBT community and their allies.


“The original purpose [of the celebration] was to bring people together to have a feast and to bong as a club in our school community,”said Ing.


GSA hopes to have more people come to the party, whether they’re in the club or not, all are welcome. Ing wants to reassure anyone who is thinking about attending that it will be a fun night.
“For those who are thinking about going, there will be lots of food and fun music!” said Ing.  “Volunteers to bring a potluck item will always be welcome also.”

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