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Sophomore spring adventures

Class of 2019 travel across the globe over spring break

By Zakary Sleeth

The Sophomore class was especially active this past Spring Break with some traveling to Japan, Guatemala and Germany. These are accounts of some of their funnest and most interesting experiences while out of the country.


Student :Thomas Waite


Location: Went to Germany, specifically Bavaria


Story: We began the day in Munich and we took a 4 hour train ride to Neuschwanstein, which is the castle that Sleeping Beauty was based on. However, on the way back somebody committed suicide on the train tracks, and our train had to stay where it was for around an hour or an hour and a half, so we missed our connection, which was the last train of the night. We had to take a bus to someplace, get on that bus, get onto another train which stopped and wouldn’t move for another hour. We ended up getting home around 1 am, but not after meeting some incredibly drunk guy and some tourists from all over the world and playing blackjack on the train for 3 hours.



Student: Felix Bosques


Location: Kobe, Japan


Story: Japan is a very nice area and you don’t see very many interesting things there. Everyone is pretty kept to themselves and pretty nice as well. But one time I was walking with my family at night through Kobe and we had a man following us who was drunk and hiccuping and walking very fast; it was pretty creepy under the circumstance. As he was following us up the stairs he was leaning back and hiccuping and walking up the stairs at the same time. It was really hard not to laugh, but since things like that don’t usually happen in Japan, I had to get a laugh out of it.


Student: Anna Horner


Location: Antigua, Guatemala


Story: We went to a volcano and it was really foggy when we were going up. It had a great view. We got to see a volcano and we got to see volcano dogs which were dogs that lived near the volcano. At the top there was a vent that was hot enough for us to roast marshmallows. We got up to the volcano to take pictures and saw a lot of tourists from Europe there. We met a woman from Wales. We also had an experience in the market talking down money, and I was also offered to ‘ladies night’. Someone didn’t know that I was 15, they thought I was 25 and so they asked me to go out and have drinks with them. I said, “No, I’m underage” and she said, “How old are you?” and I said, “I’m 15” and she said, “Wow you look a lot older.”


Student: Reece Keller


Location: Antigua


Story: “There are a lot of venders who try to force you to buy these materials and there were these one venders with these really cheap drums, really beautifully decorated drums. It wasn’t until the end of the week that we found out that these drums they were trying to sell were actually like a code-name for people trying to buy marijuana there because it is obviously illegal. So they all have these backpacks and they bang this drum, and when they bang this drum they are really just signifying for people who are trying to buy some weed, some mota, that there is a drug dealer nearby and the people that can hear it can go buy it. That was pretty interesting because I was about to buy a drum, but in doing that I would be buying weed.”


Student: Paul Richards


Location: Antigua


Story: “There was this one kid that was crying on the side of the street so I tried to cross the street to ask if he was ok. His mom came and called me a gringo and then walked away, I was shook after that.”

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