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Ramana Marshalla lands her dream job

New teacher passionate about teaching all aspects of culture to gain student interactions

By Jessica Nguyen

Ramana Marshalla aids confused student Theo Monnin with Spanish.

New RAHS teacher Ramana Marshalla’s dream came true when she started teaching Spanish and its culture to students.

“It’s kind of hard to disconnect when you get home because you want so much for things to go well in the classroom,” said Marshalla, “and you’re constantly thinking about the kids and wanting to really give them good lesson and things that are valuable and interesting.”


Marshalla has always dreamed and was passionate of becoming a Spanish teacher.

“My specialty is in Spanish language, literature and linguistics, that’s what I got for my bachelor’s degree [as I had] a Spanish major,” said Marshalla. “I’ve known since I was 14 that I wanted to do something with Spanish and I’ve known since I was 18 or 19 that I specifically wanted to be a Spanish teacher and I went and followed my dream.”

Marshalla has taught in different countries before she started this year at RAHS.

“I’ve taught in Ecuador and Spain as a teacher,” said Marshalla. “In Ecuador I worked with 4 and 5 year olds teaching English and basic preschool-kindergarten skills to the kids and then I worked for the Ministry of Education in Madrid, Spain and I taught a year of English in a bilingual elementary school.”

Marshalla values the school environment and enjoys overcoming the stress of becoming a new teacher.

“I love being here and I love my classroom,” said Marshalla. “The students here are so wonderful, it’s been a joy tackling the stress of being a new teacher while working with wonderful students.”

Marshalla felt nervous and excited about being a new teacher at RAHS.

“Coming in as a new teacher I was like ‘are they [going to] let me in the club’ but so far it’s been so amazing,” said Marshalla. “The students are amazing and helpful and kind.”

RAHS sophomore Tija Faler enjoys being in Spanish class because Marshalla makes it intriguing.

“She makes it very interesting with how she approaches the lessons everyday,” said Faler.

Faler started enjoying Spanish after a few classes with Marshalla.

“At first I didn’t really know if I wanted to come through Spanish at this school,” said Faler, “but after the first week I was like I think this is something that I can do.”

RAHS sophomore Andy Pham also appreciates Marshalla’s teaching style because it is unique.

“She usually gathers our class together to do special activities like learning Spanish words while we’re doing [physical] actions,” said Pham. “It’s a very good way to get students who have never experienced Spanish to get to know actions and get them to remember words through symbols.”

Marshalla tries to interact with her students to be able to help them comprehend Spanish better.

“What I like about her class is that she is able to interact with her students and help them build a basic understanding of Spanish,” said Pham.

Marshalla enjoys getting to know her students better through culture.

“She helps students build a better understanding of the Spanish culture,” said Pham. “She tries to get to know them [students] better through the Spanish culture and other cultures besides American culture.”

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