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New Girl Scout S’mores cookies to be sold at school

From 20 Feb. to 17 Mar., RAHS Girl Scouts will be selling Girl Scout cookies at schoo, with pre-orders that started on 20 Jan.   Girl Scout and junior Brynne Hunt often sells cookies at school and depends on the sales to fund the troop [...]

Seniors come to terms with impending goodbye

As each year begins, seniors start to receive their letters of acceptance or rejection from the various colleges to which they have applied. For the teachers this is seeing off people they have known for four years, for parents it is like watching [...]

Poetry Out Loud debuts at RAHS

On Jan. 17, students and teachers met in the PLC for the first Poetry Out Loud (POL) competition at RAHS. The competition aims to foster the love of poetry in high schools around the country. Freshman English teacher, Wayne Storer, was the [...]

Students describe transition from homeschool to RAHS

The majority of students at RAHS have come from other public schools; however, sprinkled through every grade are a few students from homeschool backgrounds.   Freshman Lauren Vitellaro was surprised when she first encountered elements [...]

Seniors score cash money

For seniors planning to attend college, financial aid from the RAHS scholarship packet will soon be available. Though the Rolls Royce scholarship is already out, the rest will soon be released for students.   “There’s one scholarship [...]

Ms. Reed gets settled in at RAHS

RAHS’s new teacher stepped into the classes formerly taught by Mrs.Weeks, Jill Reed from California, who also taught as a substitute.The adaption to a new school is hard for anyone, especially if they start while the ball is already rolling. [...]

RAHS welcomes back Lock-in

After two years without an RAHS Lock-In, Interact Club is reviving the Culture Club tradition.   The Lock-In is an event where students have the opportunity to stay overnight at school and participate in bonding activities with their peers. [...]

Joshi shows the dazzling side of math

Almost every Friday, RAHS math and astronomy teacher Nikhil Joshi hosts Razzle Dazzle: a math lecture open to all students that illustrates the interesting connections between different mathematical concepts.   “Really, I think people [...]

Hammock lets students kick back

A new hammock in the third floor flex space appeals to the stressed, tired, and overwhelmed. This addition is one of many to try and give students a way to relax and take a step back from the academic day.   ASB Treasurer Catie Stukel [...]

Incoming freshmen explain the admission lottery

The established RAHS community is quite familiar with the lottery system, but the class of 2020, 2016-17’s freshmen, don’t have the same perspective as previous classes. They have not been exposed to the previous system, so their opinion [...]
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