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New nurse to the rescue…maybe

  RAHS has difficulties having the nurse on campus daily and the fact that the nurse is only covering at least one day isn’t okay in students’ perspective. Many questions come up about why there isn’t a nurse on campus every [...]

What the truck is going on?

  The junkyard right across the road is one of the most mysterious pieces of land settled in the vicinity of RAHS, and barely anything is known about it. Strange vehicles of different shapes, sizes, and values go in and out seemingly at random [...]

Minor Role, Major Impact

  Braden Minor, former student teacher at RAHS, has done lots of things since he left last year at the start of the 2nd semester. Ever since his farewell party he hasn’t been seen around much, and the RAHS community has been left wondering [...]

Along awaits the anticipated dance on Jan. 30th

Organized by the sophomore class captains, the first glow-in-the-dark themed dance is coming up. TOLO has been anticipated, especially by the freshmen.They tend to be excited because it may be their first high school dance and definitely their [...]

Compliment wall creates controversy

  Following the start of the 2015-2016 school year, Mrs. Fitz’s Leadership class posted the compliment wall in front of Mr. McComb’s room. The compliment wall is a place for anonymous members of the community to come together and compliment [...]

The end-of-semester blues

Studies and statistics show that students’ stress during the finals week increases drastically, and students in a desperate time will look for any and every solution to keep them awake and alert.   “Nearly half (49%) of all students [...]

AIAA club reaching new heights

Many exciting things are firing up in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics club at RAHS. A new challenge will have students design, build, and fly a rocket carrying two raw eggs to an altitude of 850 feet and then land the [...]

Cookin’ up a new class

  Along with many other changes, this new school year has brought many new classes. Recently, Mary Ciccone-Cook, an English teacher at RAHS, infamously discontinued her teaching of the freshmen English class. This was not the only shift [...]

RAHS remembers No-Shave November cause

  Movember, or No-shave November, is that time of year that’s known for its lack of kisses. Goatees, mustaches, and logger beards are brandished by men all over the country. Now Movember is over, and students at RAHS who participated [...]

Boeing brings more education to the Museum of Flight

  This summer, the Boeing family and company announced a grant for the Boeing Academy of STEM Learning at the Museum of Flight. In the months following, the museum unveiled their plans to revamp the existing education programs. Reba Gilman, [...]

Career Center matches up new partners in crime

  The sophomores at RAHS have completed just over a quarter of their high school careers, and it’s time they get introduced to the mentorship program. Sophomores are currently being paired up with industry mentors to call their own. [...]
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