02252018 Headline:

Beloved humanities teacher graduates with class of 2017

Humanities teacher Mary Cook announced to her classes in April that she won’t be returning for the 2017-2018 school year because she will be moving to New York.   “We’re moving back to my husband’s home town,” said Cook, “and [...]

Miss Nicole cherishes short time at RAHS

In the 2017-18 school year, upperclassman humanities teacher Marcie Wombold has shared her classroom with student teacher Nicole Scheuerman, known as Miss Nicole by her students. During her time at RAHS, Scheuerman has gained valuable experiences, [...]

RAHS community waves goodbye to Davolt

After four years as the Work-Based Learning Coordinator and Economics teacher at RAHS, Steven Davolt will be retiring at the end of the year amid many other changes at the school.   “I’ve been at Aviation High School for four years, [...]

Teacher’s work never ends

Teachers are required to accumulate 15 college credits through college courses or 150 professional clock hours to maintain their teaching certificate, so they often go to summer classes and teacher programs to meet those requirements. But otherwise, [...]

Commencement ceremony memorializes Benjamin Dressler

Benjamin Dressler, of the class of 2017, was killed in a plane accident in June of his freshman year. As graduation approaches, members of his graduating class and administration are working together to memorialize him, with tributes such as [...]

Ms. McEwen is excited for summer 17’

  Ms. McEwen, the former RAHS office manager, recently found herself at the Tyee High School campus as an administrator for Global Connections High School.   “I am working at Global Connections High School.” said McEwen “Along [...]

RAHS to offer 4 years of Spanish next year

In February 2017, the Highline School District mandated that all schools offer four consecutive years of world language. As a result, next year RAHS will offer four years of Spanish. Director of Language Learning and Teacher Development Bernard [...]

From STEM student to humanities teacher

Inaugural RAHS (just AHS at the time) class alum, Mr. Mario Pilapil works at Dimmitt Middle School in Renton, WA as an English Language Learner (ELL) teacher with students who know little to no English.   “I originally wanted to be an [...]

Spring brings seasonal games and events

Friday 17 Mar. marks St. Patrick’s day, from all-school games to showing spirit by wearing green. RAHS students and clubs are getting excited for the upcoming events. Similarly to the “hearts game” on Valentine’s day, RAHS’ tradition [...]

A new addition to student-led clubs

Recently, RAHS has added Math Club to the roster. Previously, RAHS did have a Math Club and it will actually be reopening this semester. There, students are able to learn beyond what their math teachers have in their curriculum, and have a [...]

Boeing Internships at RAHS

Internships are a great way to experience and communicate with professionals in the career that students take interest in. Raisbeck Aviation High School has the special opportunity to offer internships from many different jobs to its students.   Students [...]
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