Over the 2017 winter break, RAHS students had two weeks to relax, catch up on sleep, and spend time with family. Instead of sleeping their two weeks away, senior Dakota Gorder and junior Braeden Swanson enjoyed thrilling winter breaks. Gorder travelled to the UK for just under two weeks to visit King’s College London, which he has already been accepted into, and interview at the University of Cambridge. “I can’t discuss the details of the interview process but overall, I think it went very well,” said Gorder. “I was able to discuss my very unorthodox education and why the subject of history fascinates me so much. I also had plenty of time to dive into my knowledge and analysis of[…]

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In the 2017-18 school year, RAHS is lending their more experienced Spanish teacher to graduate school as William Peterson begins taking courses to become a certified administrator. Being a teacher requires a lot of time, but balancing that with being a student is more challenging. “Senor P.” is a well known teacher around the school for his passion for teaching and learning. He has begun taking classes in Tacoma. “My program is through Pacific Lutheran University,” said Peterson. “It is a one year intensive study about how to run schools, how to manage schools, and how to be a really awesome leader for the parents, the staff, and the students of the school.” Peterson has positive thoughts on Pacific Lutheran[…]

The new Spanish Club emerged from experienced Spanish-speaking RAHS students who wanted more opportunities to practice speaking and listening to the language during lunch. The origins of the class emerged from a conversation between junior Katie Taylor and Jacob Savishinsky. “Last year when I was in Journalism, I found out Sav also spoke Spanish at a conversational level,” said Taylor, “so we spoke after school when I was working on homework.” In fact, Savishinsky suggested to Taylor about the possibility of a Club to just talk and hang out in Spanish. “He recommended that we have some sort of lunch group and bring friends,” said Taylor, “and we could talk about things in Spanish, listen to music, and do fun[…]

Students were interviewed about their thoughts on the recently released season of Stranger Things. They were given a choice to compare a student/teacher to character from the show. Students interviewed ranged all the way from grades 9-12, and gave their own opinions on the characters and how they compared to people from RAHS. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers about the show!                   Adam Czuk (10th Grade) I think that Jon Wick (10th Grade) is most similar to the Stranger Things character “Steve” because of their hair; they both put a lot of time into it.   Ava Yniguez (10th Grade) I think that Mr. Hoehne is most similar to the Stranger[…]

After saying farewell to Mr. Steele last year, Dona Bien-Aime has taken over the position as RAHS’ physics teacher. Bien-Aime has already made a large impact in many RAHS student’s education and has made himself fit in perfectly in RAHS’ welcoming community. In addition, he has taken over WAI Club and has created Chess Club” Being a teacher at RAHS for his first year, Bien-Aime was pleasantly surprised that so many of the students at RAHS were very engaged and excited about learning. “So far, I found RAHS intellectually curious,” said Bien-Aime. “There is thirst for learning among RAHS students; they are also extremely polite”. Coming into RAHS after teaching at other schools, Bien-Aime felt very welcomed by the students.[…]

New RAHS teacher Ramana Marshalla’s dream came true when she started teaching Spanish and its culture to students. “It’s kind of hard to disconnect when you get home because you want so much for things to go well in the classroom,” said Marshalla, “and you’re constantly thinking about the kids and wanting to really give them good lesson and things that are valuable and interesting.”   Marshalla has always dreamed and was passionate of becoming a Spanish teacher. “My specialty is in Spanish language, literature and linguistics, that’s what I got for my bachelor’s degree [as I had] a Spanish major,” said Marshalla. “I’ve known since I was 14 that I wanted to do something with Spanish and I’ve known[…]

Last year, many students knew Nuka Nurzhanov as the Dean of Students. This year, she is the Class of 2021’s Aviation English and Computer Programming class teacher, and an advisor for Russian Club and the Girls Who Code Club. Nurzhanov is excited to teach literature this year, as well as her other classes and clubs. She enjoys her students and the creativity and opinions they bring to class. “I love my students; I love learning from my students,” said Nurzhanov. “I love new and fresh perspectives when students share their perspectives and their interesting ways of implementing the projects and unique creations.” In addition to loving her students, Nurzhanov is passionate about literature. Nurzhanov wants to work on the perfect[…]

After a turbulent start to the RAHS Skunkworks Robotics Team, students, teachers, mentors, and RAHS administration have come together to create a Steering Committee that will help advise and lead the team. RAHS Principal Therese Tipton was excited about helping to bring the Committee together. “Because there were differing opinions, or ideas of how the team should be run, it was suggested that we have some type of exec board, governing body, [or] steering committee,” said Tipton, “which is, I think, a fantastic idea because that is how pretty much all of the rest of the teams and clubs are run.” The Committee will come together to help the Robotics team make important decisions, especially about how the team will[…]

For many years, students from the RAHS Science Olympiad team have been dedicating their time to mentoring Chinook Middle School (CMS) Science Olympiad students. Scott McComb, the Science Olympiad coach at RAHS, hopes the program will get middle schoolers excited about the competition. “The goal of the Science Olympiad mentor program is to encourage and inspire other schools to get enthusiastic and be successful at Science Olympiad,” said McComb. The program is not only benevolent, but also useful for the RAHS Science Olympiad team. “Part of [the reason we have the program] is because we love Science Olympiad, part of it is not entirely altruistic,” said McComb. “We have a number of people who come from those programs, the middle[…]

With all the new changes to scheduling, District decisions have become a hot topic around RAHS. On October 20, RAHS senior class captain Keir Hichens was selected by Dr. Susan Enfield, Superintendent of the Highline School District, to represent the school at the Superintendent’s Student Leadership Conference. Enfield organized the conferences so that smaller schools, such as RAHS, have one representative whereas bigger schools have two representatives at the conference. “[Susan Enfield] brought [the Superintendent’s Student Leadership Conference] together so that students can come see how the District functions,” said Hichens, “and also to have a delegate with a voice from each of the schools so they could represent the opinions of their school in the decision making process of[…]