Every winter, many people fall victim to a plethora of problems caused by the cold, snow and winds. This risk can be minimized by creating a kit that can help in the event of an emergency. Though specifics vary, the general concept is to create a kit that will allow you to stay safe in the event of an emergency. This kit includes items such as non-perishable food, a first-aid kit, a battery operated radio, water, and a ways to stay warm (such as blankets and/or extra clothes). Keeping kits in multiple locations, such as your car, a shed or at work, is a reasonable precaution, as a kit stored in a house won’t do much good if the house is inaccessible.[…]

A student from the class of 2012 works his way through junior year chemistry, so he can take AP Chemistry his senior year. He could have gone the physics route, but chose chemistry for the challenge it’s known for, and as an impressive addition to his transcript. Another student eagerly awaits taking AP Environmental Science her senior year, after she’s through taking required science classes. Come this year, both these seniors are out of luck, because AP Chemistry and AP Environmental Science were discontinued this year. Sound unfair? Try this one: Administrators work hard every year to offer the right classes, talking to students about what they want, while simultaneously fulfilling state and district requirements, preparing students for college and[…]

Aviation high school 2011 graduates share their unique and personal experiences about their final years of high school and beginning of college. Even though Aviation High School is a STEM school, it doesn’t mean that a student’s desired career path has to be STEM or aviation related.  Some graduates decided to follow a career path that’s completely unrelated to aviation, such as the music industry. There were many student bands, singers, and independent instrument players at AHS. Now that they have graduated, some have continued to pursue a musical career. Lianda Abraham is a perfect example of someone who loves to do something unrelated to aviation. She’s known for her beautiful singing voice and her outstanding performances in the music[…]

Two hikers work their way up a steep icy slope, one carrying an ice axe and the other with traction devices called crampons on his shoes, but the other usual ice gear is nowhere to be found. To be honest, one of them is enjoying himself a bit more than the other. The more optimistic of the two is Peter Keckemet, AHS senior and lover of the backcountry. He and his friend Drew Hidalgo are on what they thought would be a quick hike. “This summer I took another senior, Drew, one of my best friends, up to the Cascades and we did this hike up to Foggy Basin,” recalled Keckemet. “It’s on an old miner’s trail and we had[…]

In 2008 when the Sonics were threatening to leave Seattle, the people of the emerald city were going insane over the loss, but three years later, they have moved on. In 2007, Oklahoma City native Clay Bennett bought the Seattle Sonics for an estimated $350 million dollars from Starbucks CEO and Sonics owner Howard Schultz.  The Sonics head owner was convinced that Bennett was going to keep the team in Seattle. “I think it’s presumptuous to assume that Clay Bennett and his ownership group won’t own that Seattle team for a long, long time in Seattle or somewhere else,” said Schultz, “it’s presumptuous to assume they’re going to move that franchise to Oklahoma City.” As time passed Bennett was upset[…]