Kim Sorensen’s varied career and family mentality make her a perfect fit for AHS’s diverse faculty in her role as registrar. In her career, Sorensen has worked both inside and outside of the school setting. Sorensen originally worked with the Kent School District for around ten years but later went to work as a dental assistant before coming to Aviation. “I was getting kind of burned out and decided I wanted to be a teacher so I went to finish up some credits at Green River,”  said Sorensen. “[But] I decided I didn’t want to do that and wanted to try something different and went to dental assisting school, was a dental assistant for a year and a half but[…]

The term “teacher’s pet” brings to mind a shiny red apple gift from a perfect, helpful student.  For some AHS teachers, however, receiving a dead mouse from a proud, muddy cat is a much more common occurrence. Mary Ciccone-Cook has four cats that pretty much rule the roost.  Jacob Savishinsky, even though he lives in the city, has two chickens.  Garrett Shiroma has had only one pet in his lifetime; a guinea pig that he bought with his roommate in his early college years.  Troy Hoehne simply can’t get a pet because it would mess up his precious white couch.   Contrary to popular rumors, Ciccone-Cook and her husband do not actually run a “cat bed and breakfast.”  However, her house[…]

Most apps released are designed to entertain and enjoy, but the new iBooks app released by Apple not long ago is a step into the world of education. Although there are apps used to assist in both teaching and learning, the iBooks app takes the idea even further. Electronic books have been out for quite some time, but with iBooks, the reading materials have evolved into a more interactive study rather than just straightforward reading. iBooks textbooks now contain touchscreen-friendly pages that include audio, video, and practice sessions to help study with. Textbooks are a norm for high school and college classes, but are also very expensive, ranging from $60-$200. iBooks reduce the charges for textbooks down to the bare minimum[…]

After all the work, expense and anxiety of the college application process, the good news is finally starting to trickle in.  AHS senior Drew Hidalgo keeps his head up for new opportunities to get into other colleges and thinks about all of his other college options. “Embry-Riddle is the first college I have been accepted to. They called to notify me of the good news,” said Hidalgo, “plus a $36,000 scholarship. But my goal is still to attend West Point. I am looking forward to see what other colleges have also accepted me.” AHS senior Cameron Jaxheimer is an aviation enthusiast like many others in this school and he looks forward to dozens of hours of flying in college.      […]

One of AHS’s many student interns, Anastasia Pallis, is one of the first to work for the school itself. Her specific job, being an assistant to the internship coordinator Ms. Burr, is going well.  The idea for the internship came from Ms. Burr in response to the chronic problem of not enough time to do everything. “There is too much to do, and too little ti me,” Burr said. “I just don’t have enough time to set up so many internships. So I thought, ‘if only I had an assistant’ and I decided, why not have an intern from here.” “My internship with Ms. Burr started this year after I had done the Seafair Blue Angels Internship over the summer,” Pallis said.[…]

Vertical World, a climbing gym chain, opened its newest location in Seattle on December 20th, revealing taller climbing walls and three times the bouldering space. Dubbed “Vertical World Seattle 4.0,” the new gym features 50 ft lead climbing walls, more bouldering space, and a bigger, more comfortable facility.   “There’s three floors,” said Vertical World President Rich Johnston, “[the third] floor’s for workout, the second floor is kids only, we have a nice lounge area and expanded bouldering.” For beginners, the higher walls may seem intimidating, but rest assured that all levels of ability can find routes to climb at the new facility. “For newer climbers, there’s not much of a difference except there’s a lot more area to learn,” said AHS senior[…]

Many great and famous musicians have appeared out of the Puget Sound area over the years. Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix and Macklemore are just a few of the musically-talented people to emerge.  Now, AHS junior Austin McHenry and Highline High School junior Kyle Sprague are contributing to the hip-hop scene in the Pacific Northwest by starting a business that DJs, designs, and records music. “The big hip-hop scenes are New York, down south like in Texas and Georgia and Southern California,” McHenry said. “There are two famous rappers from here: Macklemore and Jay Barz. We want to basically put Seattle on the hip-hop map.” This may seem like a long shot to some people, but their company, Northwest Empyre, is already well[…]

Perfect your dance moves and polish your instruments, because the Aviation High School Talent show will soon hold auditions for those who want to compete and demonstrate their brimming talent. However, this year’s talent show will be a little different and might surprise a few. “Were doing something different for the talent show. This year, Culture Club’s focus is specifically on building the AHS community,” said Marcie Wombold, advisor for AHS’s Culture Club, “so we will be inviting each of the clubs that choose to participate to put on a lip sync. They will choose a song and create the choreography. So not only will  there be individual and group performances, but there will be a lip sync contest where we[…]

The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program, which helps introduce teens to military discipline as well as develop them into strong leaders and moral citizens, is gaining popularity with teens nationwide, especially students at Aviation High School. Two years ago, in September of 2009, AHS junior (then a freshman) Max Wienke, decided to look into joining Civil Air Patrol. His squadron of choice, Overlake Composite Squadron, is based at the Lake Washington School District Resource Center in Redmond, Washington.  After looking into the matter and attending a few meetings as an observer, he decided to join. In 2009 there were around twenty-five cadets in the squadron. Since then, Wienke has been promoted seven times. There are now fifty-eight cadets that are members[…]

While some students can pat themselves on the back for a job well done after quarter grades were sent home, others still have a great deal of work to do before semester grades are finalized in January. Whether students are hoping to earn a coveted A in their AP class or are just hoping to pass, they need to change how they study in order to improve their grade.  The first step is figuring out what went wrong. To improve grades, students need to avoid making the same mistakes that hurt their grades in the first place.  “It shouldn’t be a matter of raising the grade. It’s a question of why did the grade fall in the first place. Most of the[…]

Stella (13 week old Pit Bull Terrier) from Homeward Pet Source: Homeward Pet This cold Seattle season, local animal shelters and facilities have quite the workload waiting for them, due to both a large number of animals in need and a lack of staff to take care of them. Kitty Harbor, a local shelter in West Seattle, focuses their resources on cats. They mostly deal with cats from rescue situations, but the animals come from a variety of backgrounds. “The cats we get at Kitty Harbor come from situations where owners abandon their cats. Lately, with the economy, lots of people are downsizing into smaller homes and choose not to take their pets with them,” said Anna Sweet, a volunteer[…]