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Senior’s Parting Words; Get Muddy Get Crazy Get Going

“Don’t sweat the little stuff” – Jordyn Mcluen “First day of training, running through a bog to practice running with wet shoes!” – Phoenix Fire Click Here to see the Twitter Features page PDF. Share [...]

Spending Summer Making Bank

Working away the summer may seem like a terrible way to go, but spending money for the school year is nice to have.  Many AHS students know that getting a good job or internship is important for other reasons, as well. AHS Junior Adriana Lopez [...]

Passing on the Presidency

From assembly planning to making paper cranes, Jenny Gao’s year as ASB president has been quite a wild ride.  While still very busy organizing the end of year festivities, she never hesitates to pause and take a second to look back at what [...]

Oh The Places They’ll Go!

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The Phoenix Flyer Needs Your Help!

The Phoenix Flyer has a grant project posted on DonorsChoose.org, and we need your help! We want to add real time live-blogging to our website, and start covering important events as they happen. But we need some tools for the job – specifically [...]

A Solid Foundation

AHS promises students a solid foundation for college, career and citizenship, and now AHS itself has a solid foundation on which to grow. Recent photographs from the construction contractor show a newly poured foundation, a critical step towards [...]

Going From Dental Floss to Binders

Kim Sorensen’s varied career and family mentality make her a perfect fit for AHS’s diverse faculty in her role as registrar. In her career, Sorensen has worked both inside and outside of the school setting. Sorensen originally worked with [...]

Get to Know our Teachers’ Pets

The term “teacher’s pet” brings to mind a shiny red apple gift from a perfect, helpful student.  For some AHS teachers, however, receiving a dead mouse from a proud, muddy cat is a much more common occurrence. Mary Ciccone-Cook has four [...]

Apple Takes Step Towards Education

Most apps released are designed to entertain and enjoy, but the new iBooks app released by Apple not long ago is a step into the world of education. Although there are apps used to assist in both teaching and learning, the iBooks app takes the [...]

Exciting College News Arriving

After all the work, expense and anxiety of the college application process, the good news is finally starting to trickle in.  AHS senior Drew Hidalgo keeps his head up for new opportunities to get into other colleges and thinks about all [...]

The Internship Internship?

One of AHS’s many student interns, Anastasia Pallis, is one of the first to work for the school itself. Her specific job, being an assistant to the internship coordinator Ms. Burr, is going well.  The idea for the internship came from Ms. [...]