10182018 Headline:

Project Amelia takes flight

AHS students plan to bring “girl power” to the school with Project Amelia, a campaign started by the Museum of Flight that aims to inspire women of all ages to get involved in the aviation field, but it’s going to need $1.4 million to [...]

An Atlas in all of us

Bent over, straining against the load, Aviation High School students struggle to drag themselves and their backpacks to their next class. “Ideally [backpacks] shouldn’t be filled to more than 10-15% of the carrier’s body weight,” [...]

My Funny Valentine

Oh, Aviation, how thy freezing halls greet me on a winter’s morn How I smile when I hear of another burst pipe Another heater malfunction Another schedule commotion How my heart warms when I gaze upon thy hoard of homework When I buy another [...]

A Jimmy Neutron in our Midst

    In early 2012, junior John Paul Hansen began creating a device which he named “The Correspondence State Aperture.” The purpose of this device, nicknamed “The Apparatus,” is to allow engineers to describe the energy [...]

Earning art credit at AHS

  Graduation is weeks away and all the seniors are ready to take the final steps to moving on to a bigger part of their lives. But there is one student who will not get the wonderful experience of walking across the stage in their cap [...]

Put the brakes on distracted driving

  One one-thousand. You look away from the road to check your texts. Two one-thousand. The car in front of you is turning right, and you have no idea. Three one-thousand. You start to slam on the brakes. Four one-thousand. It’s already [...]

Henderson Takes Center Stage

  by Natalie Cullinan The theatre goes dark. The audience holds its breath. A single spotlight shines center stage, revealing a boy. Moshe Henderson looks out into the crowd and begins to sing. After joining a community theatre group [...]


If the average American were to be asked what November means to them, they will most likely say something about Thanksgiving. However, what Thanksgiving is really about is a more difficult question to answer. The easy answer is “giving thanks,” [...]

New horizons of local learning

Aviation’s latest graduates have spent the last few weeks getting their first taste of college. The Phoenix Flyer checked up with a few of them to see how things are going. In a word, it’s going great. “College is freedom,” said Casey [...]

Fall Exhibitions Display Autumn Traditions

Usually when people think about fall in America, they think about pilgrims, freedom, and turkeys. At AHS, the student body has the luxury of a diverse population with backgrounds that grants access to both the “traditional” American ideal [...]

Flying Washington to Washington

When walking around Global Connections High School on the Tyee campus, it is hard to imagine that the low-income school would have the backing to send a group of students to DC for more than half a million dollars. When walking into the band [...]