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Put the brakes on distracted driving

  One one-thousand. You look away from the road to check your texts. Two one-thousand. The car in front of you is turning right, and you have no idea. Three one-thousand. You start to slam on the brakes. Four one-thousand. It’s already [...]

Henderson Takes Center Stage

  by Natalie Cullinan The theatre goes dark. The audience holds its breath. A single spotlight shines center stage, revealing a boy. Moshe Henderson looks out into the crowd and begins to sing. After joining a community theatre group [...]


If the average American were to be asked what November means to them, they will most likely say something about Thanksgiving. However, what Thanksgiving is really about is a more difficult question to answer. The easy answer is “giving thanks,” [...]

New horizons of local learning

Aviation’s latest graduates have spent the last few weeks getting their first taste of college. The Phoenix Flyer checked up with a few of them to see how things are going. In a word, it’s going great. “College is freedom,” said Casey [...]

Fall Exhibitions Display Autumn Traditions

Usually when people think about fall in America, they think about pilgrims, freedom, and turkeys. At AHS, the student body has the luxury of a diverse population with backgrounds that grants access to both the “traditional” American ideal [...]

Flying Washington to Washington

When walking around Global Connections High School on the Tyee campus, it is hard to imagine that the low-income school would have the backing to send a group of students to DC for more than half a million dollars. When walking into the band [...]

Marching off to May

After two years of easing into Aviation’s classes, many of this year’s juniors will begin taking AP classes for the first time. AP classes are a new experience for these students, as they study for one big test during May for each class. [...]

El Hombre has something to sing about

Unlike the part of AHS’s community which shares a common love for airplanes, Will Peterson adds enthusiasm for a different subject. Peterson replaced Andrew Ward as the new Spanish teacher this year. Peterson was graciously welcomed to [...]

Bouncing Back From Summer Slack

Being so close to summer, the only thing students have on their mind is warm weather, vacations away from Seattle rain, hanging out all night, and living young, wild and free. Sadly all good things must come to an end, and after three months [...]

Making Connections Across the Seven Seas

Aviation High School has offered students many unique opportunities to interact with industry leaders throughout its existence. This fall, senior-to-be Anastasia Pallis will travel to the historic city of Kobe, Japan for one week as part of [...]

Phoenix Flyer Double Dare Challenge!

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